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Hey, guys in today's video, we will be going over how to read a pedigree in this video. We will cover what is a pedigree? What information can we find in a pedigree? What do all those letters mean and the best resources for further pedigree information so let's dig into it? So what is a pedigree? My pedigree is essentially the dog's family tree.

So as we can see in our little example here we got the particular dog we're looking at. And this is the family history of this dog. So in our first generation, Here we have the father and the mother or the sire and the dam, and then each successive generation. So we got the grandparents and the great-grandparents here. So that's kind of the basic information you can find, you can find the dog's bloodlines and whatnot, but there's a ton of other information that we can glean from some of our resources.

So we'll kind of go into that. Now. So what other information can we find, so we'll just go straight down the list here we got a date of birth, death height, weight.

Breed registration number what organization they are registered under we have a breed survey results as well as the hip PW scores, conformation show results working titles obtained, hip and elbow health results, owner breeder information national level, an international level event, results videos pictures and more so just a ton of information. So we will take a look at an example now. So here we are on the working - dog, comm home screen from here. You can do a lot of different things for the interests.

Of this video, we will find a dog to check out the pedigree on, so there's, a couple ways of doing that appears a search field. You can start typing the name of the dog and should come up providing you have there right? So we will take a look at. So, as you can see here, I've put in part, partial of the name and possible hits came up. None of these are the ones I want. So if I, yep so see I, put it a little more there's, the dog I want, and so we'll learn a little about Joshi here. So Joshi on.

Der doll and easy German, Shepherd dog, short-haired, right here is his date of birthdate of death height, weight, his pedigree number, which is the number at the organization that he's registered under his number there. Here is the association within which he's registered, which is the SV, the German shepherd german shepherd dog association result, we'll get into show score we'll get into a little more depth working certification here. That's. The try the shits, an IPO title, he's attained and.

Health results, this is hip dysplasia normal. There can also be elbow scores, their owner, breeder information all kind of good stuff. So as we scroll down here, we kind of get to that pedigree that we went over with the father and the mother and the rest without the rest of the family tree there.

Here are the events that this dog took place in. So the 1994, bundles, eager, these were the scores. He attained premium members can click on if it's this orange hot orange red highlight here you can click on.

It and see actual video from that event, you can also go down here, and this will be all videos for the dog. And then we got some more images, so we'll kind of dig into what some of these things mean, a lot of letters and whatnot. So we will kind of go more into that.

We will start off here with the show score. So we got the show scores here, basically show scores indicate how well the dogs physical characteristics, compared to the breed. Standard also a dog show score can sometimes be shown before. The name of the dog. So for instance, down here, we got kind of the information from working - dog.

And as you can see this show score, and they got a V. So sometimes you'll see the dog's name written out Joshi vaunted on Vaisey, but then you'll see a letter before or a couple letters that is the indication of the dog's confirmation rating. So you can see some common confirmation ratings down here in the bottom left VA is excellent, select that's, usually reserved for the show dogs the black and. Red, German Shepherds, not always, but 99.9% of the time V is exceptional HG is very good and G is good. So those are kind of the sign some common confirmations to show scores that you'll see listed next up. We've got working titles.

So now we're on to working titles as you can see on the right side here. We've got the same screenshot showing what shows up and working - dog. So if you go about 3/4 of the way down, we got working certificate. And yes, you can see Joshi got a shoots in three. So over.

Here we got common titles. So as you can see shuts in' is basically the test as it was referred to before 2012 after 2012. It was changed to IPO. Some other common titles.

You'll see is FH. Those are tracking titles HGH, which are herding titles, for, French, ring, Mr, Model ring and also UV v, which is the Czech version shit's, an IPO. So those are some kind of common working titles, there's a ton more. We can't get into all of them in this video.

But those will cover 80% of what you see. So next. Thing we got are some health ratings. So here we are health ratings again on the right side. We've got a screenshot here. And as you can see it's third from the bottom health results, so Joshi was HD normal, which is hip dysplasia normal. And generally when it means health results, we're usually talking about hips and elbows.

The hip test is testing for hip dysplasia and elbow test is testing for elbow dysplasia. So as you can see here, we have the different some different organizations that certify hips. In America, it's, typically the OF abroad, it's the SV or FCI. So, and this is kind of a chart showing the OF results compared to what the approximation of that result is with the other organizing bodies.

This isn't, these aren't perfect charts. They've all got a little different criterion for what makes what. So this is a similar approximation, but it's, not it's, not hard and fast. So then we get kind of got the elbows down here, the same thing. But this is what is referred to, and we're talking health results. And this is kind of the chart showing what means what so next thing we got up is the breed survey. So the last part we're gonna kind of dig into here is the breed survey as you can see on the screenshot kind of towards more towards the middle on working - dog.

It is listed under result. So this is the breed survey results. This is basically the breed survey is basically a test that combines the dog working abilities with its conformation, and it's, not really judging on points, or anything like that. It's kind of you they're kind of given either recommendations for breeding or not so post-2012, any new dogs that have gone through a breed survey if they're recommended for breeding will get KKL, which is core class, there's, no pre-2012. There was a core class one, which was strong greed strongly recommended and a core class two, which was just recommended.

But now that's changed there's only one in its core class. So also in this result, panel as you can see here, there'll be a PW number that is a. Number that is kind of a number that's based on the amount of breeding the dogs got and how much hip dysplasia is in those breeding. So you can do more research on that on your own, but that's. What PW is a hip dysplasia, how well the dog passes on its hips basically. So next we will get into some resources. So as far as resources go guys, working - dog, comm is you're going to be your number one resource for all this pedigree information.

It really is the best website in the world for working dogs it's. Got all kinds of stuff on there. We like I said, we went over the pedigree stuff, but you can see videos.

You can see pictures. You can see event results dogs for sale. Upcoming breeding, just an absolute ton of information anything that you'd want to know about working dogs. You can find on there. So WW working dog, calm get on there become a premium member today and get going guys.

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