What You Need To Verify Your Identity


It is difficult enough at times dealing with your federal taxes. But when you get a letter saying that you need to verify your identity, some wonder is this legit or a scam. Well, two news problems. Solver, peter newton has some answers. We caught up with Charles on the phone as he was helping his daughter, move into a new home, that's hard work for sure Charles told me, but not nearly as hard as trying to get his tax refund after the IRS sent him a letter saying he had to verify his identity.

First, Charles. Says, my taxes were accepted on February 11th. But weeks later, I received a letter saying I need to prove my identity.

I called the 800 number listed in the letter. But each time after being on hold a recording says due to the high number of calls, they can't get back to me, I'm, especially frustrated. Since the letter says, I only have 30 days to resolve this after Charles contacted the problem solvers. We touched base with the IRS. We were told if you can't get through on the dedicated number listed in. The letter taxpayers in Charles the situation, and there are many the IRS says can verify their identity online, but be careful not to get scammed, make sure you get an official letter from the IRS before giving out any personal or financial information, remember, the IRS will never reach out by text or email, and they won't call unless you've asked them to as for the 30-day deadline to resolve the issue.

The IRS tells us that's just a request, and they will continue to work with taxpayers, regardless of. The amount of time that has passed as for Charles his issue is now resolved he's proven to the IRS who he is. And his refund he's told is on the way Pete Knudsen, two news problems, solvers and there's, some good news for you. Well, we do have more details in case.

You have or someone in your family is asked to verify your identity to register and verify it. You need your personal account number from a credit card. Your mortgage student loan, home equity loan or car loan. You may also be asked for a mobile. Phone that's associated with your name. You can find much more detailed information on verifying your identity on our website, kgrh.com.

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