Vanessa Hudgens Reveals How She Found Love On Zoom: I Still Can't Believe It


So your friends are having babies in quarantine, but you found love in quarantine as a single woman, I'm just curious how it's so weird believe me I'm like still. I still cannot get over the fact that it happened. Because I remember in quarantine, I was like cool, so I'm single now. And I can't meet anybody, and I'm like I guess I'll go on a dating app. But I always said, I would never go on a dating app. And then I found myself in a dating app.

And I was like I hate myself. So I was like gotta get off of. That and so I kind of just gave up for a minute, and I was working on tick, tick, boom. And my girlfriend was on this. Zoom meditation group weekly, and she's like would you want to hop on? I was like, of course, I love that they added me to a group text and everyone's sending like gifts of themselves, it's like Joe Jonas and like Wilmer alderman. And so like, I sent a GIF of myself and then there's like a GIF in the group chat of like a baseball player, and he's sliding onto a base.

And I thought it was a. Joke so I just responded hot, and then I get on the zoom, and I'm like who is that, and I found them, and we started talking and yeah, it's wild that, uh, you know, we found each other over zoom wait. Did you like to slip into his dms? Did you say on the group? Text like how did you navigate that because I'm actually asking as a woman? Because I think that I'm still weirdly as much as I'm like empowered?

I think I still have that stigma that like the man is supposed to do that initial step. And I don't even know. If that's the right way to go about it anymore, I mean, I'm such a go-getter I'm like if I want something or someone I'm going after him like I fully just slid into his dms and was like, hey, it was nice to meet you. Um.

So I think there is no shame in making the first move. If you want it, why wait for someone else to give you what you want? Well, I think I'm going to take your advice of don't be so old-fashioned to follow through be a woman who is empowered both at work and in life. And with friendships. As well as romance exactly go after what you want, let them know now you were talking about tick, tick, boom, which I'm so excited about. And you were filming.

It's Lin Manuel is directing right. Lin. Manuel Miranda. I think the Shakespeare of our times and Andrew Garfield's in it tell me about it, um, yeah. So I'm. A big, Jonathan Larson fan. I was introduced to his work when I did rent at the Hollywood bowl did the summer production played me fell in love with the world that Jonathan Larson wrote and.

Created, um, and so after that, I then did rent live played a different character got to meet like his family, Jonathan's family. They were always their sister and dad. And it just felt like I really was being integrated into like the legacy that is Jonathan Larson. And then I heard about tic, take boom. And I was like, I have to be a part of this movie in whatever capacity, um. And I ended up getting to play a part where I am one of Jonathan Larson's, backup vocalist, Jonathan played by, um, Andrew, Garfield.

And it's just it's really, really special because tick, tick, boom, he wrote for himself as a one-man play, and it's, pretty autobiographical. And it just really sets the tone and gives you a peek into what it was like being a struggling artist in the 90s in the Lower East Side of New York. I can't, wait for this. I truly Jonathan Larson, Immanuel, you Andrew Garfield.

And you got a tattoo to commemorate the end of it. Uh, this tattoo, it says, cages or wings, um because that's, one of the lyrics in. The movie and it's just it's so beautiful, because he wrote this in the 90s, and the lyrics are so relevant still to this day. And the hook is cages or wings, which do you prefer ask the birds fear love, baby, don't say, the answer actions, speak louder than words. And I just think that it's so beautiful. So I needed it on my body.

I love that I got a new tattoo yesterday on the show, which was so fun. And it says home is where we are for me and my girls. But one thing I always wanted to do as well was you. Know, go out there in the world as much as I was a creative, I loved business too, and I love sharing things, and I love being a curator. And now you have Cali water, and I'm so excited about this. Will you please tell us about this as I crack one open?

Yeah, of course, I love it. I love watching people trying for the first time it's. My favorite thing ever, oh my gosh. This is amazing, and it has prickly pear. Tell me everything, yeah, this is Cali water. You're drinking the ginger and lime, um, the original flavor. Is prickly pear, and I was on a road trip through Mexico, and there were prickly pear, margaritas everywhere and being the margarita aficionado that I am.

And I was like, oh, I have to give this a try fell in love. And I was like what is this prickly pear thing? I've never really heard that much about it. And I looked it up and realized that there have been people for decades, hundreds of years centuries, using prickly pear as like a health remedy, um. So I hit up my friend, Ollie, Oliver, Trevino.

And I knew that. He's trying to do a beverage. And so I was like, I think that we have to do this.

This prickly pear thing, um and worked really hard to put together the perfect concoction. So it has so many amazing properties there, um, uh, there's. So many antioxidants, which is great for your skin, um there's, more electrolytes in it than coconut water. Whenever I'm hungover, I drink them. Whenever I am trying to like to make a cocktail.

I use it as a mixer like it kind of does it all, and it's just delicious. I mean, if that isn't. Like a ringing endorsement of why to drink this I'm drinking the prickly pear now and it's so beautiful, and I think people, um, you know, they want sort of guidance and advice on things to enjoy in life. And I love that you're leading the way with this beautiful product and um, I'm, just so happy to see you and check in with you. And I will be more bold out there in the world in honor of your boldness and make sure that you all go online, um today and order some Cali water, we're going to feature it on our. Website, but it's going to blow up and everybody's going to be drinking it, and it's going to be amazing. Thank you Vanessa so much it's so wonderful to see you.

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