Unboxing Cyma Galil Sar Full Metal Aeg Rifle! Black Ops Zombies!


Hey, guys, how's it going. My name is Max and welcome to today's resorting video. So today, what I will be doing is an unboxing video. So for those of you that are subscribed to my channel and kind of aware of how things have been going I, haven't done an unboxing video in a while. So excuse me, today's going to be the day that I will show you guys. What came in the mail today and just to kind of keep in mind as well.

This is one of two packages, that's going to be arriving at one point. So the current the other. Package that's still coming I mean, it's on a back order, technically so it hasn't fully shipped yet.

But again, for right now I will share with you guys what I currently have. And then once the other package comes in that'll, be its own unboxing video. So I will go ahead and get right into this and see what's inside the box alrighty. So I got my handy little knife here. So here's the box it's, nothing too major, but it is quite heavy about eleven pounds or so. So we can go ahead and get cracking into this. Thing right now, all righty it's going to get interesting.

So it looks like I have some. And by the way, this is an unboxing from ebike comm. So as you can see, they have their little mini brochure that they sent with some promotional codes, and then just their information. And then of course, the UPS packing list for the shipments.

So as we're kind of seeing here, it's its so far, looking like a plain old box inside a box. So let's continue to pull this thing out. So I'm gonna kind of kick this onto the. Side since the actual shipping box, so nothing too special. It looks like most of this is just regular boxing, no logos or images, there's. Some stamps it looks like as you guys can see four different countries, just warning labels, basically so I think I had this upside down.

So let me flip it back over and take it off here. Oh, all right. So now we're getting this some business here so toss that to the side as well.

So let me see if I can zoom in a little that's. Okay, show you guys really what I'm. Working with here in just a moment, alright, so you have your handy dandy Jam rod. So we can already guess it's, not a pistol being that if that one so let's get rid of these styrofoam pieces. So if you guys already haven't figured out what I have here, this is the Gall. So this is the Lima Gall.

And it is the AEG model. So, wow, this thing is incredible. And again, since I, am in the US does with the mandatory orange tip, which of course, I will take that off again to enhance the cosmetics of this gun. And man, this thing has got some pretty decent heft to it Wow. Look at that that is really cool. And again, this is from elite com.

Just kind of, you know, reason on why I decided to go with the Galil has been quite a favorite rifle of mine. If you guys are somewhat familiar, which I'm sure most of you have experienced the game Call of Duty Black Ops. One usually has this in there and a lot of these zombie modes. A lot of the zombie games also have the Gall featured in it. So I mean, this. Thing is pretty sick. So I'll give you guys kind of in depth view once I have everything unbox so let's just kind of see what else lies in this box here.

So you have a wind-up magazine. I think the reservoir here is close to 500 fill it up through the top here, spin the wheel to feed the babies up into the gun. So looks like it's, some kind of stamped aluminum or a stamped steel type thing again, I'll cover that in just a moment looks like, they also did share some kind of mini box with this as. Well and let's see what we got in here so Oh, interesting, so there's, some kind of key here. My understanding is it's, probably some kind of adjustment key probably for hop-up, and then the bag of unmarked BB's, which typically wouldn't recommend shooting anything unmarked. You can kind of see, well, maybe you can maybe can't they're kind of dirty inside. So again, that's something I would advise on using as it can cause issues, especially with eyes let's, see if there's any other hidden goodies in here, You're crazy kinda just looks like styrofoam.

And then it has this little cardboard outline so nothing too special. So we'll toss it to the side. So I'll show you guys just an up-close view of this right now. Alrighty guys. So here is the full-on up-close-and-personal of the SMA Gall. And this is also the short like I think it's an SAR to which to me, I think it says that because if you look at the selector switch SAR, which is probably safety, I, don't know, Auto and I don't know what they are might.

Stand for, but anyway, this thing is pretty sweet as you can tell. This is a very nice finish to it, I'm, not even going to lie. They did a really awesome job with the way that they manufacture this thing. And it is built solid. I mean, the stock is like purely metal. It is really badass and I love the sights. The sites as you guys can kind of see the traditional Gall sights I, don't know, I'm, pretty, pretty giddy up with excitement right now.

Because again, this is one of my favorite assault rifles again, Just because it was featured and a lot of games - always been a huge fan of Nazi zombies. This gun was in most of the maps, and it's, always one of the best things ever and I have to just say, I do love the Kay platform again, that's. What the Gall is somewhat similar to as the AK-47 and ak74 based on the selector switch and kind of just the overall body style.

So yeah, definitely excited to get some videos of this bad. Boy. So that's going to be coming down the pipeline with some shooting reviews full-on. Demos and just anything else to really cover this thing and that's, mainly what I have for you guys today for this unboxing again, keep in mind. This is just part one of the next box that I'm still waiting on.

So again, the collection keeps growing the videos, keep coming guys. So I'm gonna just end it there. And you guys just keep a lookout for anything coming up with reviews of shooting demos for this thing.

Hope you guys enjoyed have an awesome day.

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