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Hi welcome back to English 7 and congratulations to one and all, because we've reached the last module for the second quarter, and it's all about transcoding linear and non-linear text. At the end of the lesson you'll be able to differentiate linear text from non-linear transcode linear to non-linear text, make use of the given steps in transcoding nonlinear text to linear text and realize the need to know in transcoding information from linear to non-linear and vice versa. Now, let's try the first. Activity directions study the picture which one catches your attention first, which of the two can easily understand the differences between linear and non-linear checks is an essential scale. As we encounter these texts, almost every day. The main difference between the two lies in a way, the text is read or processed by an individual experts call this pattern of reading a material as a reading path.

Linear text, refers to traditional text that needs to be read sequentially from. Beginning to the end here, the reader understands the meaning of the text through grammatical and syntactic arrangements of words, generally texts printed on paper are considered linear texts examples of linear checks are novels. Poems, letters, textbooks, newspaper, articles and educational texts. Linear. Text can also be electronic such as those materials and other linear forms posted on the internet.

On the other hand, non-linear texts are presented using various kinds of graphics. This kind of text is. Non-Sequential, the reader has the freedom to decide the sequence in reading the text it does not require him to read from beginning to end nonlinear texts include flow charts. Concept maps tables, diagrams maps illustrations and photos and such materials are called graphic aids or graphic organizers let's. Try the second activity directions study. The diagram linear checks are the most common ones reading them from start to end is necessary.

While non-linear texts are used to simply summarize a text. In an easier faster and a more understandable way without changing the whole thought or idea of the text using presentations charge or organizer to better understand linear to non-linear let's study the diagram if you have noticed that linear text talks about the oldest musical instrument, its classification and its characteristics. The nonlinear also shows the same information as a linear. The only difference between the two types of text is in the presentation of the information. How is a linear.

Text transcoded into non-linear, to transcode means to change the language or information from one form, that's linear to another form. That's non-linear. Here are the steps to follow step one read the passage to get a general ID of the subject. Step two, look at the visual to identify what information is needed to complete the chart. Step three locate the relevant information in the passage and transfer it to the chart use only keywords or faces, not whole sentences and step four, you may be.

Required to classify information into categories under headings, you may have to come up with your headings let's. Try the third activity directions study the diagram at this point. You'll do the opposite, which is transcoding non-linear linear study the graph and take note how the ideas are presented in non-linear to linear forms. Notice that the two types of text contain the same information, but differ in the presentation of the information, how is the null layer text transcoded into linear to. Transcode, not in your text to linear, the following steps will help you first take some time reading the graphs charts and other graphic aids. Next make sure you understand axes are the horizontal and vertical lines of a graph or chart referred to as the x-axis.

And then the y-axis, respectively, third, be sure to follow lines on graph or chart and pay attention to key ideas data or information. Fourth, make sure correct grammar is observed and last organize information, clearly and write legibly. And neatly let's, try to create two to three sentences of the main points in the infographic directions, transcode. This none linear text to linear text. You are given two minutes to do it and your timer starts now. So go times up now I'll share my two to three sentences to this activity based on the infographic social distancing, a term that epidemiologists are using to refer to a conscious effort to reduce close conduct.

It includes how to avoid be cautious at and safe to do that slows down the. Community transmission of the virus hope that you do have great two to three sentences explanation to this infographic. We have to note that to transcode means to transform something from one form to another in order to transcode a linear to a non-linear text or the other way around one must first be able to fully understand what the source text is about this way deciding on the proper text type to be used in the transcoding process will be easier. Thank you so much for listening have a great day. Goodbye, you.

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