The Hall Of Remembrance - Dragon Quest Xi Let's Play - Episode 173


One more book, the hall of remembrance, this looks nice. This looks wholesome. Hello lord dragon. So you've come quail before lord dragon. Granted, unimaginable power by the mighty dragon lord twas. I who did defile the first tome worm wormhole Roth. It was.

I warmer author to desecrate. The second of those deplorable volumes. My power was the gift of that malign master of malevolence mammoth maiden. It will not surprise you to learn that. The third of those accursed tomes was corrupted by my hand. I am. Zoe.

Maiden a vessel into which the tirelessly evil coma has poured his powers. We have eagerly awaited. The arrival of one such as thee. You see we have an offer for you come take that rightful place at our side do something we will grant unto the dominion over half this world, very well and truth.

We are not quite able to offer that much. But we would like to alas. We are mere avatars brought into being by our master and tasked with despoiling the pages of history and laying waste to any so-called heroes. Who would stand in our way? What power we have was bestowed upon us for one purpose and one purpose alone, ensuring that your end is a swift and painful one Harold, you are courageous indeed to attempt to thwart, the will of the almighty evil we serve.

But you shall pay a heavy price for your boldness. Indeed, your reward will be to die in the most exquisite agony. Come.

Welcome. Your fate. Count yourself blessed that the last thing you feel will be our deadly embrace the past masters draw near what does.

My team look like, okay, uh. We are going to let's. Okay? Who do I want? I want Harold. I want Eric is currently in knife mode, which is unfortunate. Furthermore, I wish he was in boomerang mode, uh, veronica, rabbi.

And we can hit a group. Salvador can all right. Harold, gig ash, where's, gig, gash, gig, gash, veronica. You can cast channel anger, ran.

You've got that wisdom thing where is it? Infinite? Wisdom, Silvano, you can do have a ball all right. I need to get rid of their Kabul all right.

Harold. Do you have one that removes do? You have an attack that removes I don't think so okay, all right, so you're going to do Gilgamesh again, veronica you're going to do Kabul ran. I know you have a single attack that will does it right? Okay?

Clear your mind. Do it on warmer Roth actually, because he has bounce on him. Silvano, can you? Um full herald. Fantastic, that's going to get reflected and veronica said, nice, all right, uh, lineup, Harold rabbi. I need Serena back and let's, get Hendrick all right, Harold you're going into you're going to OFNI hill.

Rab, you are going to pearly gates Serena, oh, wait. No. Okay. Harold you're going to Gilgamesh again. RAB is going to pearly gates Serena is going to OFNI heal and Hendrick you're going to forbearance. That's, pretty cool. Uh.

Okay. Ran is trapped in the cage. Nice, uh.

Do you have a way of clearing out that hurts? Demons, they're, two, dragons. I know, there are moves that hurt dragons. A lot. Uh, why don't you do divine restitution on lord dragon, Hendrick, keep forbearance that did nothing all right? Harold.

Gig ash. Serena, I want you to more heal Hendrick because he's the one that's taking everything for you okay? One of them's dead, um, I'm going to get rid of rabbi and put in jade. Okay. That works Harold gig. Gash, jade, multi feet, let's say, lord dragon Serena. Not really much is going on.

Can you do you have buff? You do have Kabul go with that Hendrick forbearance all right, gig ash. Multi feet. Uh, let's, go with more heal on Hendrick and Hendrick continue to forbearance. Not the most exciting strategy, but it's effective.

That did a lot of damage, and he's still alive and jade is caged all right? Cool, Harold you don't need to get gosh now. Sword, dance him, jade, multi-feed him, Serena. You have something that can hurt him.

Right? Yeah, you can catch frosh WU sold him. Why? Not? Well, let's just do blind man's, biff he's got to be dead soon right? Yeah, just like that. 36 thousand experience points.

Lord dragon drops, a treasure chest, a rainbow drop guard. How dare you this is not over not by a long chalk. I got a new. Password probably to the next set of bosses. Yup, there you go has everybody been healed is that what that sound was there's somebody that was dead right? Doesn't, look like anybody's currently, dead.

Okay. The only annoying thing is that I can't heal, or I can't save between fights without leaving ticking ton. I don't want to leave ticking 10. All remembrance level 2. Let's, go, yes. Get it.

My cat is currently sitting behind my TV right now all right who's. Next said fall to your knees fool. I am steroid. Possessor of a boundless power granted to me by my master sorrow, the man slayer it was, I who defaced to the fourth book, and it was, I him slopes who so bravely vandalized to the fifth I serve grand master IMO, the mighty and most maleficent master of wickedness as for the sixth of those tedious tales of the so-called heroes of times past. It was none other than I mortal mammoth born of the might of Mortimer who brought untold damage upon it.

We have witnessed all that you have done in your attempts. To restore the past that we have done so to go such great, I forgot to put Eric back on boomerangs. Damn it. Your efforts were not trifling, and none can deny your courage and resolve, however, you must know that they are all for naught quite so. And now we will teach you just how insignificant you really are we serve the ultimate evil. And it is this evil that will rewrite history in the blood of its victims.

Beginning with yours. We do not pretend to fully understand the will of our master, but we know. That any who stand in his way will be destroyed come it's time for your miserable and insignificant life to be brought to an end. And now I can't see anything because Bob is in the way get down cat. Stop it. Okay, gig.

Gash jade. I guess you can multi feet. Him, claps, Serena. You have an attack that can do well against demons. Right is this a mortal mammoth, a demon and Hendrick once again, you're in forbearance mode. Bob, why are you sitting? I can't see a path of the screen right now only 106 damage that's.

Really not worth it. Okay that one hurt him all right? Harold, gig, gash, jade, multi feet. Serena, moor heel, Hendrick, Hendrick, forbearance, nice, like seeing the CRT all right, gig, gash, jade, multi feet. Hendrix should be fine for another turn. So why don't you cast?

You can't do magic barrier. Can you? Thank you for getting down. Bob took you long enough? Well, that's annoying disruptive wave, got rid of everything good divine restitution on.

Yeah, we'll just try and take out nymph clops as fast as possible. Okay?. There we go ouch, and he can restore his magic. Wait a second that's, illegal, all right, let's, get rid of jade and swap her for Eric. And now Harold you're gonna gig gash, Eric, you are going to Culver strike, steroid Serena you're going to OFNI hill and Hendrick once again, for parents, did I see that jade got healed by that too there's a lot of damage being dealt out right now, gig gash cobra strike, OFNI heal forbearance, oh what's up. The legends 2018 pounds dies mad.

Thank you for the follow. I. Appreciate it what an interesting name what's health, looking like, I think health is looking fine. We'll, try to come buff again and see if I can at least waste their turn to do a disruptive wave. I miss the ability to, uh, I miss seeing the enemies names in yellow and orange to see how weak they are is it just not possible to poison? This guy?

Okay, he's dead. Anyway. So it doesn't really matter. Ouch, let's see seeds of destruction, Eric you can try poisoning him, and you're going to multi-heal. Yeah, OFNI.

Hill, why not Hendrick you are going to continue the forbearance, oh he's. Poisoned. Okay. You did like no damage.

Let's. Be honest here. All right. This should be. He should be dead quickly now, Eric he might die before we even get the chance to uh to do Eric's attack. I guess he gets a chance all right herald sword dance, Eric you're, divided. So now you're going to do victimizer Serena you're going to more heal.

Hendrick, Hendrick, you're, getting forbearance as always, and he's, dead him, flops drops, a treasure. Chest, I got a wardrobe, but I am Cyclops the mighty and most maleficent grand master IMO gifted me, unparalleled power, how could this happen? It burns my body, my beautiful body. I feel it falling apart. We lost to an insignificant worm. How can this catastrophe have come to pass two down two to go?

Okay, healed up. Uh, I have to go to the bathroom, pretty badly. So let me do that real quick I'm back.

We've got at least two more of these to go. So let's get them over with. And before I forget equip, Eric, I. Want you to have your page one, where is, uh, it's, an alphabetized galaxy, rang and your hunter's moon there we go there. We go that's what I want to see third set of enemies. So there should be ten. I've killed six so is it going to be two and two now there are two indeed.

So this is the hero who stands in our way you are nothing, but a miserable maggot. I on the other hand, am hoop thorn a defiler of the eighth book and heir to the power of the mighty rap thorn. And I am forgo belittle servant of forgo dimer. Ruler of demon kind it was I who warped the past contained within the seventh tome.

And yet you have undone all my hard work this. I cannot forgive no, you must pay a price, and that price shall be a painful death, followed by eternal suffering in the afterlife. Yes for daring to stand in the way of the almighty evil. We serve. You shall burn in the hottest fires of hell.

So come enjoy the last moments of your miserable life before we tear your soul from within you. Well. Okay, Harold.

This is the second. Verse same as the first Eric divide, Serena, Kabul, Hendrick, forbearance, that's, effective, yeah, Hendrick is fine Harold Ziggy, gosh, Eric double down, Serena more heel. I think more heels. All I need to do for hendrick for berets effective.

This is I'm just going to keep repeating this exact same pattern. The only one that has any variation to their attacks is going to be Serena, because she doesn't always need to be healing. Oh, that did a lot of damage for once. So well, there we go ouch all right. Sword dance, Eric, uh, how about critical claim Serena we'll? Have you OFNI?

Heal Hendrick, forbearance. All right there. We go easy enough that was the easiest one.

This is unthinkable. This cannot be. I faced a mere human. And somehow I was beaten. You miserable maggot you wretched excuse for a hero, how dare you how dare you do this to us? Oh, I dare, oh well.

Here comes the next one. So you have somehow managed to fell no fewer than eight of the ten whose sworn duty was to warp history as our master wished, but. This foolishness ends here I am hunk Corvus servant of Corvus and bearer of his power. It was I who reworked the tale told in the ninth book, and I was responsible for the improvement wrought on the tenth of the tomes. I am Belarus servant of the dread lord Nigel. We are the last two of the ten servants birthed by the grace of our master, the arbiter of all evil, but we will not fail as our comrades have. No.

We burn with white-hot rage and hatred for what you have done. Furthermore, we will avenge those you have. Taken from us, our master rules, the kingdom of the dead.

And soon you shall join the ranks of those who suffer under his iron fist come. You could call yourself a hero, come and meet your death with honor the fires of hell await you. I didn't even get a chance to heal. Now, how dare you? Alright, Eric needs to use a pet power here, uh, wild side. Yeah, two moves per turn. Yes.

Thank you. I like that, because then he can do he can hurt much faster all right, gig ash, uh, I'm going to have you OFNI heal because we're. Damaged from the last fight Hendrick, I need you to not die. Thank you nice block Eric, so you can divide and then Eric's second attack is to double down Serena, uh, I guess we'll come off Hendrick for bears herald Gilgamesh, Eric divide, Eric double down, Serena more heel on. Oh, full heal.

Why not on hendrick, forbearance god, this wild side buff on Eric is insane all right Harold sword dance Eric once again, divide, Eric once again, critical claim Serena more heal on hendrick forbearance. This guy's still alive. Channeling is an inner Sasquatch. Oh, I think the disruptive wave got rid of, uh, his got rid of his wild side, that's unfortunate all right, uh, divine restitution for variance.

Why does this guy have so much more health than the other? One never mind all that experience? That means nothing to me, new galas drops a treasure chest.

I got a god, bird, scepter and a crimson catsuit. Hey, I needed both of those things, but how my power was nothing short of divine and yet and yet. And yet I. Was brought low by a pitiful human. Ah, the shame how it burns.

No, this cannot be. Please, forgive me. O almighty master, the deepest recesses of the past cannot be accessed via the altar of an elusive. Age. Cool, uh.

Why did I feel like I was going to do something it can't have been that important? Oh, I remember what I was going to do, uh, but I can't do it here. You can't use the fun size forge in here, because that god bird scepter is the like the best one that the best heavy staff are RAB. And the red catsuit is.

Serena's last outfit, all right to the deepest recesses of the past, because I still have 15 minutes can't be that bad, right? Oh, hey, what's up, what's up. Golden collision.

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