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What's up earmuff here, and we are back with another brand-new anime reaction. We just finished black clover, and I'm, very upset that it's over. But we are diving in to fairy tale. Just to be clear. I have not seen all of fairy tale at all. I pretty much don't really remember much outside of like who the main characters are and like their names, and that there's a guild and that's, basically like all I really recall.

But once we pass like, I think it's like episode 20 or something like that I'm pretty much. Going in blind since this seems to be a rather long series, I think it's probably all right and people have been begging this for a while. And it was one that even after I explained that people were like, dude, it doesn't matter. You've only seen a few episodes like banging that out and let's just go.

So here we are click the like button, subscribe strap in and remember you can get these videos. Early a month, early, Sendai let's just go. This is one that I've been wanting to go.

Back to for so long episode one of fairy tale, I don't give a . If you don't like it, I'm excited, he's so cute, I also have no idea if I should be watching dubber sub, hey, Lucy give me your clothes in your dreams. Let me know, so there's, basically like different cities, where people just don't really have magic. White puppies.

, oh, my god, dude, she reminds me of name so much girl. If only you lived in the era of only fans, how you all doing lady simps, oh, yo, you're, simping, too. I didn't think she. Was going to simp, he just doesn't know him? Why is that a crime, bro. He doesn't even know who you are. Nobody just has like a little like backpack.

Neckerchief thing. Yo, happy is sassy, dude, wow. God.

Damn. I knew she was a wife. A fairy tale got the waif. You have to go that hard. You didn't have to do them that dirty she's seen it's, not even that she's.

A sip she's, just like a simply they will get her what she wants. That's. Some pretty cool magic, though, yo, she's using the out of him, oh, .

Yo. He. Was trying to drug her, oh, , all a bunch of scumbags.

You have to go that hard. You didn't have to do them that dirty. Oh, they're taking them as slaves. Oh, my god, that's. So , oh man is really showing up to beat the ass when he's got food poisoning.

His magic is pretty wild. What are the odds of that? Dude, dude, she found those really easy bruh even her summon. A waif like are you kidding? Me? He got the tattoo and everything that's like you know, it's real, oh man, he's, sucked it up.

Oh, my god, can you not be . Terrifying, I will say, dude, the visuals are really impressive.

I don't know when the hell this came out, but it looks real good like the animation's solid. Yeah, that guy's probably never going to pretend to be from fairy tale ever again that screenshot, though, well, her dream coming true. It was a solid first episode, hey, you if you're watching this video, you're, probably not subscribed because about 50 of you are not subscribed. And if you didn't. Know when we had a hundred thousand subscribers, I covered my entire arm in a tattoo, and it's, not colored.

Yes, it's not done, but it's going to be. So if you want me to cover myself more anime, tattoos, click, subscribe are you going to get mad for people saving people? The . You kick him in the face for he just gets naked.

All the time is this one of those situations where I should be like having a drug god. Damn, oh, my god, yo, everybody's, getting up. He naked.

Now you like this here, all the time looks like, you know, mega heartless from like the beginning of the game kingdom. Hearts. I remember this dude, I didn't know he could turn big like that. I mean, look what they did to the inside of the damn place. Dude.

So what he's saying is all right? Everybody party them, . So you, oh sucker punched by the kid are dragons like super like intelligent or something. Okay.

All right? Well, my question just got answered immediately, how does a dragon? I mean, I guess it could fly away.

But like how does the dragon just disappear is this show still ongoing or is it like over like? Is it? Does it actually have like a conclusion here comes he's, literally in an open tank, top wait, what girl what the are you doing?

I mean, I guess that is there is a way to warm up. I will say I understand Nazi's reasoning, I'm shocked. Happy doesn't get scared.

Oh, this got real creepy. Huh? It was at this moment that he knew he up. The first we got been drugging Lucy. Now we got a monkey. Who obviously plans on taking advantage we'll say, this is going to be a trend isn't it. Okay?

I mean that man looks like, he could do something a little, uh, a little more than a clock. Oh, my god. He a symptom. It's going to be a simp off the fair. I was going to say the fairy tale symbol has begun. But apparently wrong. Bro.

You attacked the wrong person. Oh, my god I'm, not going to lie. I was kind of looking forward to the sip off, but I'll take this too where the . Did you get that where the hell did? You get, oh that's, kind of Nazi's fault.

This man's is so clumsy, hi bro. What you be 19 out of 20 like that's, damn solid, bro over time. You'll get stronger. Oh, my god, yo, chill, leave happy alone.

Oh, so his dad really wasn't doing jobs. And the first job he goes on because of his son, oh, my god, that's. So sad that poor kid, if the rest of the show is anything like this I'm down like guys, these were just fun. You know what? I mean like I'm, not putting this up with some other like episode ones that I've seen or.

Anything in terms of like craziness or hype or this or that, but like this was just a very fun, two episodes. But seriously, that was a very fun anime, and I'm looking forward to more. I hope you enjoyed it. Basically all I want to know is two things help me out especially Patreon, because obviously you all get in a month early. So this input is going to help shape the beginning is one double sub, I'm assuming sub, but you never know occasionally you get those that people like, nah, nah, dude, you got to. Watch it up for this. Let me know be vocal.

Obviously it'll be majority votes. So it'll probably be subbed, but let me know and is there any filler that I should be skipping that's. What I want to know like should I be looking at a filler list? I don't know if there's a lot or a little or a bit or maybe there's, some filler arcs that I should be checking out.

But let me know like I said, I know the characters. And I watched the first few episodes a while back, but it's been years. And obviously, as you can see. I don't really remember much at all I'm sure there's going to be certain episodes I'm like, oh, I remember that part.

But once we get past these first few episodes, we're, pretty much in uncharted territory, and then we'll just go from there. I also want to know if this is ongoing as I know, I think there's like 300 episodes or something like that. But I've heard there's like either a sequel coming or like the manga there's, a new manga or something like that. No no eating zero is not linked.

But same. Character, I don't know, you all want to eat in zero two. Let me know just be vocal about your love fairy tale, because this is a new series in new series more love. They get the better off.

They do. But thank you all so much for the support remember we'll get it early four weeks ahead, click that like button, subscribe, and I'll see you all in the next fairy tale? Video later,

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