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Hello, Harper's Bazaar. This is Tarawa b, Henson here, and I'm going to show you something a little different I'm going to show you how I do my press and crawl I'm. I don't know if you've been following along with my hair journey, um with the release of my new product line, of by Tarawa, but I went natural, and I consider myself a bit of a hair chameleon. And what I've noticed since I've been natural is that I get bored.

I get bored, and I want to try different things. And so I cut my hair Tim while. It's my hair stylist, we decided to cut it, and we changed the color, and so I'm back to, um press and curl. Now I've already washed because if we did have to wash my hair child, we'd be here for two days. But anyway, so I washed my hair already. I prepped it.

I always start off with, um a clean scalp. Um, you have to you must get into caring for your scalp like you do for your face. Because if you do not clean your scalp know that whatever's on your scalp will end up on your face.

I look at the scalp as. Like soil, right, if you take care of your soil, you will reap an incredible harvest right? That's your hair.

I do an exfoliant using, um, of by Tarawa's. Never salty it's, a sugar scrub. It gets rid of all the build up and gunk that is from your hair from styling. It all week from products. I usually do this twice a week. And then I follow that up with master cleanse, which is also for the scalp.

Now, if you notice the scalp care line has these, um, these prongs. This is a triptych prong, which actually helps. The product get to your scalp, because what I found with my natural hair, it's so dense, when I would try to use products to get to my scalp to clean it, I would have to wash it several times, because my hair is so thick, and the product wouldn't would take forever to get to my scalp so that's, why we created this triptych applicator. I followed that up with mint condition, mainly mint condition. I use it absolutely to condition my scalp.

But I actually made this entire line when I initially started. I made it for weaves and installs. But then when I went natural, I noticed that I needed extra help getting this down to getting products down to my scalp. So it actually works for installs and natural hair. Then I washed my hair with honey, fresh it's winter. So you require as much moisture in your hair as possible. My hair tends to get dry just like my skin during the winter.

So I add on extra moisture and honey, fresh my honey. Fresh shampoo is, oh my god, it's. So lovable, it loves your hair, and it gives it.

The moisture the slip it requires a shampoo that gives you slip what? And then I follow that up with naked rain, and people are loving this conditioner because it is lovely and the slip all the slip you require. You can run your fingers through your natural hair love it after I did all that I blow-dried my hair. This is my favorite brush to use it's, a Felicia leather head and see I really use it I'm a little embarrassed, but Felicia send me some more brushes girl. I love this brush because it detangles your. Hair really well, really well after I blow-dried my hair and I curled it the first time so if I can mold my hair.

Then I wrap it at night. So that voil, that's a perfect wrap. Look at that wrap you see that wrap I know how to wrap this is what we do. Um for people who just are interested in natural hair, and I have natural curly hair. Usually when we press our hair, we get it straight. This is without a perm.

I don't have a perm. If I had a perm, I would just have to wrap my hair after I blow-dry it. And I'd.

Be done there's, a process, there are levels to it when you have natural, I blow-dried it. And then I flat ironed it with This is this chi. No, this is uh FBI.

I have so many, curling irons FBI, because I have a problem it's. Okay, FBI on flat irons. I use ceramic, flat irons to flat iron my hair. I use the smaller ones for the back. And then I wrap it. And I can show you quickly a wrap because I know people are like a what so let me just take you to the beginning of a wrap.

So this is after I blow-dried and. Washed my hair, and I've straightened it out right now to prepare for nighttime, I wrap it. So I brush it all down like this. You start at the crown of your head.

And you just go around in a circular motion holding what you brush down already making sure to grab the pieces in the back swoop it around. Then you get your favorite scarf, I'm, not going to lie. I had this scarf you all.

I've had this car for like 20 years, but if it ain't broke don't, fix it. So you have your hair wrapped down like this. And then you. Grab it all, and you tie it in the front really snug and tight, and then what I like to do to like really enforce, the wrap is slide it around like that. And I go to bed.

And then when you wake up, you take it down. So now I'm going to style, my hair, um, it's, a bit of an asymmetrical cut. And you see, I changed the color too guys. I really I literally get bored, and it's a pandemic. And I have nothing to do but come into this salon and play with my hair. I am going to attempt this body wave I'm going to. Section off, oh these.

This is another great item. You should use, um, or you should have their bone combs, and they don't melt. Um, when you're using heat, or you're pressing your hair, you know, how? Sometimes you guide the hair down the shaft with the heat plastic combs melt. So I like to section my hair off. And then you drag the hair back, because I want my hair to go that way see how that did that it's all in the flick of the wrist. Honey, Tim Wallace taught me that he has a hell of a flick of the wrist.

The object of wrapping your hair. And the reason why you wrap your hair is that you want to do less heat on your hair, you don't want to put a lot of heat on your hair because it's, damaging, but see that's why I love a wrap because I don't even really have to go in that much in the back because it's already flat, so I'm going to continue up here to bump it. So the body wave is all about creating, um texture and making your hair. Look like it has movement texture and so that's. What I'm trying to.

Create here see because you don't want it too tight. I used to perm my hair. My mom was a single mother, and you know trying to get herself slammed up and me because I was particular about my hair. It was rough. My hair texture is very different from my mother's.

And she really had an issue, um working with it. So my mom started perming my hair when I was at the ripe old age of six, and I had my hair permed until I was 26. And when I moved to la and I did, I don't know if you know this movie baby, boy, The, um, the stylist on the hairstylist on there talked me into going natural. But I did, I had an issue. I didn't know how to work with my hair, you know, 26 years of getting my hair permed and being manageable and easy. It was rough. I cried one day.

The brush was stuck in my hair. I didn't know what to do. And so I finally, um, it was a show a television show I booked, and I met this, um hairstylist.

She did my hair on the show her name's Valerie green. And she taught me how to work with my natural hair, it's. Tedious, but once I got it down, I fell in love with my natural hair, cut two. I wasn't wearing natural hair because back in that, then in Hollywood, it wasn't cool to rock natural hair.

They wanted straight European hair. So I would still have to press my hair, which is kind of defeating. Why you go natural some to me that's, just my opinion, don't, get offended for me. It was defeating the purpose because I found out the perimeter of my hair started breaking off from trying to get it straight and match the. Weave hair and eventually, I just I was over it.

And I was like I quit. And I cut my hair all off. I fell in love with my natural hair.

When I first grew the perm out and so that's, how I ended up with natural hair and I love it. I've sped it up a little, and we're at the top. Now, then this one is a little easier because I came into doing my own hair as a kid using Marcel curlers. If you don't know, what those are old school, curls that you put on the iron and clicking clack, clank, clank noise. Didn't have a spring like this so that's how I learned how to curl my hair with an actual hot iron stove and Marcel curlers. So when you do a wave and textured hair, see how I left that flat at the end that's going to create all of that texture, you don't want to tight curl.

And before I cut my hair short, if you can remember, if you've been following my hair joining journey, remember, we started Tim and I with an under shave, and it was cute for a second. And then I was like, it was just a tease for. Me because I've been short before I'm, not afraid to cut my hair off, I do it often and another thing hair holds energy. So whenever I feel bogged down, if I feel like, you know, 20, 20 was a hoot.

I had to cut her out. So here we are with fresh 20 21 here, fresh clean slate, getting excited I'm getting that. Okay, I just cut my hair.

And so you know, when you first cut it, you got to work with it and see, you know, different styles and so that's, where I am right now, and I'm really getting excited. This is. Intense shine for your hair, and it's small, yes, because you can travel with it. You can put it in your purse. You never know when your hair needs shine. Furthermore, you just put a couple squirts in your hand, new bottle, one second like that, maybe one more rub it around see. And then you just go in, oh it smells.

So good, oh, I have to call Tim. I have to call Timmy going to be so proud of me. Oh, my goodness guys, I did it. Do you see I need to go somewhere?

I look amazing. I'm all dressed up and fly with nowhere to go. But. Aren't we all okay? Now I have to stick my little edges down.

And then this is a complete look every natural girl has this for those edges. Um, you can find it in any local hair, salon beauty, salon store that cost like two dollars, 1.99 I'm, not just slicking my edges down to give her a complete. Look. Oh, my god, I love myself.

Okay, Harper's Bazaar. What do you think? Well, that's all I got from of by Tarawa. I hope you enjoyed it.

You want to see the back. I am feeling myself. So let me just go prance around my. Property and uh model for the birds in the geckos, I guess all right guys, take care, stay safe, wear your mask and take care of yourself.

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