Stoneblock Ep.5 Quartz Chickens


Hello, everybody and welcome back to some stone block, I just realized that I have googly eyes, I've been sitting here playing for a little while doing some work and I also just now looked at my MAP and realized we have more than the cow that I thought we had we'll get into that. Just second anyway, how you guys doing today, I hope you are doing well. Last episode we got started on some tech stuff. This episode I have no idea what we're doing just yet. One thing we are going to do is go check out our. Cows I have spent some time we've got the chicken pen set up we're, getting a little of chickens, getting a little of manure.

Never we can use to make fertilizer we'll get into that eventually I have been in the process of wanting to work towards chickens and I have set up our cleared out area for a wheat farm here because we're going to need a lot of wheat for it a lot of seeds. And while I was doing all this. We got a cow, and I'll show you the cows. Now we had gotten well, you just go right on. Through I had gotten the Terry steel cow.

This one, right here, yeah, sewage. We don't, necessarily require protein I don't. Think we require distilled all hot. We don't need which water probably don't need. So none of these are really any good. But what I did want to see is if we can, and some of the other packs that I've played the terror still has been disabled from being able to put in the smelter.

We want to see if we can do that, and then we'll get into some kind of business for today. Let's go over here. Let.Us break that for the moment and let's see we've got Terry steel that necessarily do us a lot of good right now because we don't have anything else that we can use with it, but that just saved us a lot of work. So anyway, lets one of the things we're gonna work with today is our chickens. We're going to go get us a porch chicken we're going to see about getting some of that stuff set up, so I need some gold nuggets.

We require a golden lasso. And those are expensive. Good thing. We guts got some XP to. Burn alright, so I am going to head to the nether we're going to grab a couple chickens, we're going to bring her back we're gonna mess with them. So let me do that, and then I will be back. Well, you know, I forgot to tell you I updated this pack and I, don't know if it was added any update or what.

But there is a nitro creeper. Definitely we don't want to get around him, that's some dude, basically it just the update just updated a couple mods. They changed a couple of config settings, I hadn't seen it. They added. Anything new, maybe we just got lucky.

The first time I didn't, see any, but I do have our chickens here. So we're gonna head back and get things go. Alright, we're back before we go any farther last episode or well have been couple episodes ago. We got this patient back.

Possibly it was last episode. I, don't, remember, when we got anyway, I've been holding on to it waiting to see if we can open it, we tried to open it, and it wouldn't work I had to them inventory. Last episode was going to try to open it, because it. Changed what it said, we're going to open it this episode and see if we get anything out of it, and it doesn't look like we do all right, so we'll, put it up and just be done with it for now all right. So we want to get into chickens, chickens and chickens. We've got a couple different mods in here.

We've got the chickens mod, which adds all the different chickens. It does have a hen house that we're not worried about. We also have the roost mod, which goes with the chickens mod. This adds roost. It adds. A chicken breeder we're going to make both of these things. If we've got enough hay enough, we do this well, another matter still going to do it I.

Just gotta get it let's get this all picked here I want to probably next episode will probably automate this where I don't have to come over and do this. We have anything new over here. All the eggs. Alright. So we need one hay bale while I was down there I probably should have got some wood shoot. One thing I have realized the food in this is lacking.

We don't. Get a lot of weeks. It needs a carrot. We don't get a lot out of it. That is something we've lost all our XP there. It is all right.

So we want to make a chicken breeder. We require two more of those. So there is the chicken breaker. We also require one of these chicken catchers.

We require a feather, a stick and an egg that in itself may be an issue because I, don't know if we've gotten a feather yet, it does not look like we have all right so next up. Furthermore, we require a feather, get it that way? Man, I don't want to. Kill one of my chickens looks like we may have to why will you not breed? Why are we? Alright? So I've got to get a feather, I'll be back all right I had to make a nesting pen from chickens, Martin I'll make.

It is one of them it's, not it's, a hatchery I had to make that I killed the two chickens. Two chickens, didn't do me a bit of good. They still didn't drop anything. But if we look in here, we've got chicken manure. We got feather, we got quartz eat chicken egg, don't, necessarily require the quartz eat. Chicken egg, just yet did I, get it I, got it actually that's better than the one we have in there. So now that we've got that we required a stick and the math sticks.

Well, nah I got one right there. Alright, so that was we required an egg, put my eggs back in here. Here we go so egg, a stick in a thinner gives us his chicken catcher. This thing is nice, basically what it does. We put this down, we can right-click the chicken with it, and it gives a supportable little chicken. Now we can throw this and get a chance.

At it or we can make gate chicken nest no we're, not checking this the egg nest and have a chance for it to spawn. We're just going to throw it, and we got it. So there is our two chickens.

We got two of them that are two different kinds. Butyl. Alright. So the way chickens work, if you ever messed with Agra, craft it's kind of the same way you can breathe the chickens together. We can take the nether quartz, chickens, it's, not going to show us.

If we go back here, Redstone alloy, Redstone. Chicken is bread with. Ass and chicken and a red chicken, which red chicken is red dial, we can get into all that why I want the eggs. The beginning chickens are all dyed chickens, or they are regular eggs, surrounded by fat like let's, see if we got them in here, somewhere that's, not one here we go black chicken red, the Y all different colors.

We can make a flint chicken saying chicken log chicken. And then everything else more or less is created from them and the quartz chicken Sal. We breed them together. Take one in the. Other now we want to make these all 10 10 10 chickens. We've got they've got growth gaining strength, basically, I don't know, exactly the details of what it what each one of them does, but I do know that a 10 10 chicken takes a's a lot quicker in between time of getting resources.

You get a lot more resources. So that is what we want to do. So in order to do that, we made that chicken. Breeder let's go place this chicken breeder down chicken.

Breeder takes both of our chickens, throw them in here. We need. Some seeds I've already put the seeds that I had in here that may not be enough. And this thing will over time breed chickens. Now, it'll breed faster with the better chickens in it. So I want to wait for that to go, and we're going to see about I, don't know if I wanted to see if there are any quests that I had completed I, don't think I have. But there is one that I want to work on doing.

We need to get down through here to get a constant. One of the things that we require is this as blaze rods. So while that's. Gonna do that we are going to work on blaze rods. And in order to do that we're going to make the compactor should be easy enough for. We should have all the resources we need to do. It takes five blaze powder to get blaze rods blaze.

We've got I'm, not ready to go take on nether fortress. Yet we don't have the stuff doing that. So we're going to require some ten we're going to need some iron we're going to need some Redstone, and I'm, not sure what else we're going to need here. Some glass, ooh, answer bronze. We have not done yet that is copper and 10 and have I done any copper over here yet, no that is we can waste that all we want to because we've got all the tear steel all right. So we require copper, copper, let's, get this going actually a matter of fact, let's, just go ahead and throw that in there I don't have a way to turn that off let's, just go ahead and throw that in there just do this right quick.

And there we go, and that was too quick dang it. This give us a little of bronze all right let that go. We require some glass, I, don't know, oh we got glass right there, beautiful going to make some more all right. So we need, I had one stone gear, left and that's still, not the right stone gear and that's backwards, stone gear, 10 gear, machine frame done. We require copper gears, which I'll get in just second. We need to make. Furthermore, we require a piece of gold.

Are we all done here? We are gold Redstone. So there is that we require what else is that we need a piston. We've got everything for that. Snap I've got way too much in my. Hand, or we don't need that or that, or those we don't need conduit right now. So there is our two bronze let's turn that off let's switch it to copper let's, get our copper, and then I'll be back.

Alright. We have our copper should have our copper I'm, going to bet we're going to have to do something fancy to make these gears. I didn't.

Look, oh, no. Those are just normal gears beautiful. So there is that.

And there is our compactor, beautiful. Let's. Let us get. We require eight blaze rods, that's, 40 of them.

If my. Math is correct well place it right here that should get power I'll. Let that go let's go check on our chickens, and they're about halfway through, hey, I'm, getting better chickens with him just there by himself all right. So let's go see if these are done, nope, it's going to take a minute now alrighty. There is our eighth blaze rods. So now we should be able to take this take her blaze rods. There is our tier 4.

And while we're at it, we can go ahead and make this a tier 5. We've got enough arrows, get that. Spitting out that now, alright, we still know all right. So next item on our agenda to do we're going to make a couple of compacting drawers, where we are right here, we're gonna need, so it's. One, two, three, we require two of these, so I need to make get some iron here. We require some Pistons. Almost enough require one more beautiful.

All right, we require some compact drawers. We need to up all right. And we also require stone for this and I, don't know, a headstone. What did I do with if it's right there? So we should have.

Enough to make both these beautiful and our item conquer, we have enough of that. We want this to extract always active, and this one to insert and let's get rid of this. Hopefully this will give us let's just go ahead and get that one and put in there that should be our quadruple, which will allow us to just make the other extract always active and insert. So that should start filling up. We need to learn how to spell multi-tool. We require quintuple compressed. Furthermore, we should just about have enough in here.

It's, just a matter of waiting for this to finish doing are you done? You were done. We got a three to two. So now we can take one of these out of here. We'll take that one we'll, keep the one that's got the better stance, and we'll put those in there. And if you notice this thing is going a lot faster, so we want to get this thing up to a ten ten ten.

And within we need to make a roof matter of fact, go ahead and make a roost. Now, which is three more hay bales, which we've got in some wood, which we've got. And we have a crafting table, why do I keep running away? So there is our roost. And for now we're, just going to put these here along this wall until I make anything that I want to make we right-click on air. We can put up to 16 of these in here. I think.

So that is the plane. We also need this roost collector, which is going to take another chicken let's get this down here. So there is a hopper. We have a chest.

It should be. We require some more planks. It should be everything that we need, I have the chicken. Roots collector, if this will pick up items, I, don't know what the exact ratio or how far away that it actually picks up or collects, but we're going to put it right here, and then we'll see if it works, and then we'll line this wall with storage drawers for the different stuff, which means we require 1, 4 quarts for feathers and I think that's it chicken manure.

So let me get all this stuff done. This thing should be just about ready. Yeah. Let me get us. A few storage drawers done I'm going to get this guy up to a.10 10 10, actually before we do that let's, go ahead and complete our two quest and let's see what we get for Vie ducks and a diamond shield, all right. So let me get all that done, and then I will be back all right? We are back as you can see.

We've got our 10 10 10 chickens. And as you can see, this is going a lot faster. Didn't really take a long time in order to get them to 10 10 10, but I want to get at least two more of these before we do it I want to make sure that it's 16 that we can put in.

There so while we're waiting on the last two while I was doing this I forgot about one other quest, and then I made we need to make that I forgot about. We made the compact in drawer. And we've also made D drawer controller that I made the drawer controller I'll show it to you in just a minute and let's see what we get punk sticks. And another Diamond shield man, I, tell you what let's go throw these up, and then we should be ready to go how we're doing up here.

We've got two of those. We might need to put. Some speed upgrades in these because that's taken forever to transfer out of here, or we might just need to make this one faster, I, don't know, anyway, what was I doing I'll put stuff away all right? So there's, 15, 16 and 17, it looks like it's.

Only 16 looks like a 16 to a stack see 16. Now we've got the courts there. It is being picked up by the roof collector, I've got a pipe going into this nut pipe, but a transfer conduit item conduit going into this controller, and it's putting it in there. So we are. Getting corpse pretty quick. Now we may eventually just pipe straight out of these, depending on which one is going to be faster. But now we've got all the nether quartz.

And with that we are done next episode we're going to get into some more tech stuff. And we may get into Tania just enough to get us some living wood. So we can actually use this Terry steel.

Can we just put it in their like it No? So with that, oh guys enjoyed the episode I. Thank you for watching, and I'll. See you guys next time.

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