Stewie Betrunken [Deutsch/German]


I know what will help us to fall asleep? Wait, I really hope. So because I have tried everything counting sheep sleep thoughts thinking, I even ordered the sandman.

I give small pieces of it. Then you can fall asleep. That is the biggest juice. It is actually not for kids. But that kind of thing is harmless so that's, the testament to which Lil Wayne keeps almost dying. Oh now, I'm really relaxed about that.

I could get used to it do what are you doing there? You are. I've looked all over the table for her.

Means I have to tell you this shows that we gave yesterday saved. My life sake passed out like a wet sack. And what you usually did, I got up five or six times to scream and grab it.

But what I slept through the night I said, yes, the alcohol in it that's, not for kids it's, not for kids you're, drunk makes you look serious. And drinking is in the morning because IC h land on the plane, come on I have to take you to the day care center. Ok, ok, was I. Reassured I think my shoes are on the wrong feet. Then it's, really already a quarter past nine, we have to go let's.

Go . They had briefly. I. Am being right back with you Schnabel Schmidt thought to me there. We are clear what a kebab.

But, but I want you the order vegetables meat, meat, vegetables, meat and need the Navy Schmidt wants a duck in the drawing board. I can go again. Can you not? I require it your help. I drained a couple of key, which had a bubble bath, and you have to get them out again with this fishnet, quiet.

Yes, I don't have to, but you are. My father, I am I then asked, I know he when wouldn't it be great. I would really appreciate it happy. The only thing I would be even happier about would be if this bathtub was full of young, but can you get me? Yogurt is the young chef job. Still open can.

Key, in, you order yogurt by phone that's, the best fruit yogurt, who can give me a nice long bay pack. If you repeat it like that, he often says, you're, not at all, hey, hey, Brian I'm, not in good little guy now I'm going and you old bastard. But so pleasant.

Study what are you doing a cool? , his moment you are not in the condition to drive. I can drive easily easy driving Zurich consists as can touch my nose. I touch my coffee or tea, Liu, 10 counters, you going to stop gotta stop Brian. You have to give him my professional stuff. What radio x god gives her fine.

No I'm, not very fine. I think we should swap numbers. Okay, I'm.

Ne, 10, you're, a 4. I'd go with having to do some math when I saw all the cars outside story. Why don't you sit down with all your? Friends, we have something to tell you I'll start Stevie me. Remember when you were born, I thought to myself, this is a boy in whose book of life all pages are still undefined. Please.

What you what I that is that about the circle of perfect. We condemned me would have to measure giraffe. The last to look at little boys, mister octopus, the last little boys rubbed themselves on his body.

Each of you has your own problems, but you were the only one who almost killed a boy yesterday, yes, that was only because. The field that used to be the boy was there. So there will be again. The young woman, really, I don't even have a cough and my side are remarkably free.

But I have a issue. Good knowledge is the first step don't worry. I'll. Take you through it.

Thanks Doha, core business, too. And now excuse me I have to always from Chris it's about his masturbation issue. There are a few of his friends sitting there in the circle and great god.

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