Reaction To Florida Vs Texas A&M Round 1 Sec Tournament Game


Hmm, all right, I'm going live. This video will probably be posted later, uh, if anybody wants to watch this later, but uh reason, why I'm going live is because I'm actually delivering Amazon packages while I'm doing this. So um, just want to put this out there, real quick, the gators men's, basketball team lost to the Texas, a Maggie by score 83-80 in overtime, uh, the Florida gators looked like out of sorts at the beginning of the game. Look like they didn't even want to be there, um, but you know in the. Second half, you know, it looked like some guys were actually trying quasi-reeves with a huge three, um, that was huge to send the game into overtime. Um miles.

Lane came up. Huge averaging one point per game. And this guy coming in clutch, especially at the beginning that's. The reason why the Florida gators were actually even in the game ready to fire. Mike, white, yes, Cassandra Johnson. Absolutely 100.

So, um, yeah, it's, oh, gosh. I was actually like I really thought that the fornicators were going to. Pull it off, they tugged me back in guys. They sunk me back in their like, oh, oh gotcha. like I mean, they really did like they got me. They hooked me line and sinker like they were going to win that game at the end and Texas an m with a huge three, but I'm telling you, yeah, we're done for the year. Yeah, there's.

No way that they're making the uh tournament they're making the nit on pis bro ahead day off to see that BS, dude, dude, I was watching this while working like, I mean, I'm in like I'm, trying. To like to deliver packages, and I'm like listening to the game trying to watch it as much as possible as I'm, like all right like I'm, just like struggling against everything. So, but uh, yeah, man, it's, frustrating, frustrating, it's, just how the game went, you know, I think Florida only led one time if I'm not mistaken. I think ford only led in, uh, overtime. And you know, I mean you just saw, I mean, dark was trash. Myron Jones, trashed, her three-point, uh, shooting was absolutely abysmal. They were six percent.

From three at one point, uh, rolled downtown. God, damn jiggling. Hurts. Parody, god, listen I'm, not even going to say anything. I mean, I always think those basketball teams any good, but um, didn't.

We didn't, no, no, Florida, didn't beat them. But anyway, you know, I mean, you know with, you know being a Florida fan, you know, you always have high hopes. You know, you're, like I don't believe like Georgia, fans actually know they have a basketball team. Because I think George only won like five games this year. So like with. Florida, it comes at the time, um with Florida.

It just, you know, you had the standard, you know, in all sports, you know, like our baseball team's, perfect baseball, that's going to be the next thing I'm going to be covering, but uh, baseball teams, looking perfect, uh, but basketball. They should be way better than what what they did this year. And you know, it's just Fleming had like six turnovers in this game. Um, what else Myron Jones was trash, McGillick fouling all over the place? Um, you know, It was just horrible castle ton lane and Keybase reeves came up clutch, um, you know, especially at the end of the game.

And I don't know what Fleming was doing taking that last shot. Listen, I know, it's like one of those things that just happens. It goes on the rim, and it's a dead ball, Texas, an m ball. But why wasn't castle ton touching that ball castle ton's the guy our best baseball team's, eleven and three, I thought I was the only one what no no, no, no, no. Man, uh, um, dude. Florida's baseball team is always.

Really good, um, they're, they're, always really fun to watch too, um. But you know what it's its almost like I don't have to watch this basketball team and just go through the pain of a game. Now, um and watch mike white on the side, what's his eighth year. It should be his eighth and final year. Everyone has said, fire, mike, white, um, listen.

He tried to do a quick patch with all these transfers, and they are trash. Uh, I know, Fleming had like 17 in this game. But with all the turnovers, he had just pissed. Me off, you know, it was just like, gosh, lee, dude, like, you know, even the announcers were like, oh Fleming almost turned it over. Oh, and there he actually did, and I'm like dude, like dude's, horrible like, you know, I get he had 17. He did. He like does some good things than just does some awful things.

And you know, McGillick, I don't know what he was doing half the time, but you know, uh, miles. Lane was the reason why especially at the yeah, we should have won. But you know what credit Texas? An m, you know, it's. Another close win, they had uh against Florida, uh, been on that train for four years.

Now, yeah, it's like he just does these transfers and tries to, you know, do this quick fix? The only good transfer that? I mean, castle ton, you know transferred over. I can't, remember where he transferred over from uh two years ago, but you know, I mean, he's a he's a perfect, you know inside post player. And I don't know why it was 80 to 80 in overtime. Why didn't you run it with him?

He is your second team all sec player. And why isn't the ball running through him? I don't get that, you know, he's your guy. I mean that fail, they got was BSD. Yeah.

Furthermore, I mean, uh, I wasn't going to really say, say much about that. But, uh, you know, it really takes away. I hate when refs huddle like that.

And then they wait to call a foul that long and uh, because it was like a simultaneous, uh, cons for Michigan. Okay, is that where? Okay, I can't, remember where he's from. But I mean, heck of a player, I think he's a junior. I don't know if he's gonna. Be coming out, he'll probably be coming back.

I believe he's a junior. But you know, I mean, Hawaii reeves. I mean, with a huge three to send the game in overtime, I believe he's a freshman. So you know, there's looking like good things out of him, um, but you know, just those transfers most of them did absolutely horrible. I don't know, you know you needed dark to come in. You know, he's the know, he's, one of the leaders, um, and he needed to step up today. And I don't, he was MIA, uh, there was an APB out on.

Him, I don't know what he was doing, uh the entire game. But um, you know to give up 83, which I know is in overtime that's, not what the Florida gators are their defense is way better than that. And uh, you know, Texas an m, you know, it's Florida had a chance.

I mean, Texas an m was giving them chances to uh to come back and, um, you know, ford just couldn't get it done in overtime, um, you know, I'm, not going to make excuses. I get the foul and stuff like that. But really Florida was just so lackadaisical in the first. Half well, they scored 25 points in the first half.

I mean, you know, you start out that sluggish. The only reason why they're really in the game is that miles lane guy who was averaging one point per game for the season and uh, you know, coming up big. I think he had like 15 in the game and uh, you know and reeves. I think ended up the high scorer.

Furthermore, I think he had 21. Uh, I hate when the other team chomps I'm pissed, you know, I mean, yes, I hate that, you know, but it's like to me, it's like it looked like a great. Game so while I do that, you know, it's like, um. Now, if they're pissing you off, they do something horrible or something like that, you know, like the Florida state chomp always like doing that. But I just do that to piss off Florida state fans when we beat them. But, but yeah, the chomp thing is just ridiculous. Uh, whenever somebody does if it's like?

Okay, you know you won. You beat a bad. Florida, team, that's, that's been a bad Florida team this year. You know, and good luck against auburn because you're. Probably going to get curb stomp, uh against auburn, you know, so, um, you know it. It sucks. It sucks.

I was hoping like I said, you know, I know a lot of people are probably at work. You know, it's, uh, two o'clock. My time right now. But man, I'm, just, you know trying to deliver packages, but watch the game at the same time. And I was getting my hopes up, and you know, I'm trying to like, not watch the game while I'm driving and um it sucked. You know, it sucks.

But um, you know, it is what it is. Florida, tried to do a. Comeback and they came up just short, but you know, I just I don't think some of these guys need to be coming back for Florida, uh, especially mike white. He does not need to be coming back.

We will never be what we were one. Oh, Joe Kim. Al Oxford, yeah, I if is you haven't seen that I made a video about that 2006, 2007 back to back national championship team, um, just I went back, and I actually had fun with it, because I went back and looked how great that team was you're, never going to see. That anywhere in college, basketball with Joe Kim, Noah and that floor, gators team did, um, nothing close. And I keep hoping, maybe, you know, Florida will regain that how dominant they were back in the day, not just then I mean, you know, Florida was going to elite, you know, final fours, elite, eights, um, you know, and they were, you know being they were doing perfect. And you know, you got mike white who inherited a perfect team already because billy Donovan recruited, a lot of those players that.

You know, mike white had that's why they were going to elite eights people, forget that you know, because people want to say, well, mike white went to these, um, you know, elite eights and all this kind of stuff. Well, yeah, he did that. But he also did it with billy diamond players. You know, because billy diamond knew what he was doing. And why do you think they named the court after him?

But you know it sucks. Now I don't have to watch the fornicators. I mean, I'll, I may watch their when they go to the nit, not. In tournament, um, but you know, we'll see it's frustrating, I know everybody else is frustrated as well just like me, but uh, I don't know what? Alabama's fans are being in here, though I don't, I don't get that so um are you all still sad that Georgia whipped up on you all or something like, but anyway, all right guys.

Want to get out of how to going to get out of here. I got stuff to do so all right guys? Well, I'll talk with you all later.

I may do a video, um and really go out. Um, really, I may kind of break down the. Game and uh, see what happens, but I don't know, it's, I'm just pissed off right now, but all right guys? Well, you all have a great one. I will talk with you all later.

I appreciate you all watching you all have a great day.

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