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You won the Emmy just to make you the only I mean they only gave out one this year. I got one I, got it I got it. They drew my name out of the Hat Yam, no, no, you deservedly won. And you tweeted this picture afterwards, if you're celebrating at Arby's and I love, this photo I was driving around with my brother afterwards. And he said, oh let's go to Arby's make a picture of you with your Emmy in front of Arby's. And we did it as a joke. But of course, I'm like it was like 3 a.m. And we had a.

Bottle of scotch in the car. So that was the pose I did thinking. This will be funny, and I got so many emails, Twitter messages Facebook here you are okay, manners everything like they were seriously worried I was like, oh, no I. Did it and I realize it wasn't that fact, it's 3 a.m. or even my facial expression, or the bottle of scotch it's that I'm in at Arby's that's. What made people go?

We should send some yeah, I. Guess, yeah. I for hello. Yeah.

And all of it is just to be and the why, but it is like that's, our. Beast get send a team send a team down there right now, get it into some art therapy or something anyone that's? Okay, but still, you know, there's a there's a party after the Emmys called the Governor's Ball I, still think hanging out at Arby's might beat the governor's balls. It was, you know, the Governor's Ball was gorgeous, but it was, so I had so much anxiety. Because there are a lot of the shows I like Game of Thrones, I, love, I, love to Game of Thrones and I.

Also I also, love to orphan, black and I. Was so afraid because I would like I saw like Peter, Linkage and Tatiana Malay or walk around I'm like what if they get drunk, and I start talking, and they blab spoilers for the next. So I was trying to avoid I didn't want them. So that I was more secure at Arby's because no one was going to walk up and say, you know, Honor comes back at now shut up. So no I was so trying to avoid I, literally saw Peter Dinklage backstage and I tried I ran away from because I didn't want him right?

He thinks everyone. Hates him just huge fans. Your spoilers, yeah, especially because they've gone off of the books.

Now so God knows what's coming right? I. Don't want him blabbing it your Emmy acceptance speech I like that you think he's just blurting out spoilers left and right. I get the grocery store here's your here's.

Your Bernie turns into a dragon you wouldn't do that. Yeah, I have a secret twin. Thanks for the fries. . You.

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