Mythic + Affixes Overview And How To Deal With Them


Hater guys exes here. And in today's video we'll be taking a closer look at all the affixes in the mythic, plus dungeons, and I'll, be sharing a few tips on how you can deal with them in the most painless possible way. If you like my videos, make sure to hit that like button and to subscribe to my channel, it would really mean a lot. And with that out of the way let's get into the video.

And to start the video off let's, talk about what affixes appear at which level. So for level 2, we only have. Tyrannical and fortified at level, 4, we have bolstering, sanguine bursting teaming and raging. And for level 7, we have volcanic quaking skittish, necrotic, explosive and grievous it's important to note that during each week, you can only get one ethics from their particular level group. So during one week, you can only get tyrannical bolstering and skittish let's say, you cannot get both tyrannical and fortified at the same time.

Now, let's talk about all the ethics says what they actually do. And how. You can deal with them, the easiest way so let's start with tyrannical, which is the first ethics in the level to bracket. Now, during the tyrannical week, all the bosses are going to have 40% increased HP, and they're going to deal 15% increased damage. So during this week, it's significant to know, all the boss mechanics, because they have 40% more HP, and they deal 15%, increased damage it's important to do all the mechanics correctly because you're going to take a lot longer to actually kill the. Boss so all the mechanics of the boss are going to have to be executed correctly in order for you, not to wipe night, captain valor comes to mind from told the gore instance during tyrannical week, you're all going to have to stay on top of the barrels in order for you not to why because it can get out of hand pretty easily and that's.

Just one example that comes to mind. There are plenty others. So they're in Tirana Co, just make sure that you know all the boss mechanics and that you execute them. Properly, and you have no problems at all and next we have 4 to 5 now during 4 to 5 weeks, as they're gonna 20 percent more HP, and they're going to build 30% more damage. So during those weeks I will definitely recommend that you set up at least some kind of interrupt rotation for the ads, and that you also dodge everything that is logical from the ads themselves. And during four to five weeks, it's important to note that all the ads are going to take a lot more time for you to actually kill than the.

Bosses themselves, so I would certainly advise you to use all of your cooldowns that you can and to just rotate them as they come up. Another thing that you can do during four to five weeks is, you can actually see all the ads that are seen seeable. Your tank is going to be grateful to you and your healer as well. And with that said, let's move on onto the ethics is that appear at level, four bludgeons. And above first up, we have bolstering now during bolstering weeks, non-boss enemies upon dying. Organ above their allies in a thirty-yard range radius for 20% of their HP and 20% damage during this week, it's really important that you don't over pull packs of mobs for the six mobs are generally going to do it depending on your DPS and your group capabilities. Another thing that you can do to make your life easier during bolstering is to actually DPS all the mobs equally so that they all die more or less at the same time.

Another good thing to do during bolstering is to actually prioritize the. Targets that are quite difficult to kill or to handle so that you don't buff them with a bunch of small and weak mobs. So to recap just do not over pull a lot of mobs and kill them more or less equally do that. And you won't have any issues with bolstering at all now let's move on to sanguine is actually considered to be one of the easier affixes to deal with.

Because all it does is after a mob dies. He leaves behind a pool of blood that will spread to a five-year radius over the next two. Seconds and whatever mob is standing in that pool of blood is going to be healed for 5% of their max healthy ii. And any player caught in the pool itself is going to keep taking 15% of damage during his time in the pool. This affects only might be a problem in some close quarters.

Dungeons. I don't know, a crest manner or told Agora comes to mind simply because those places are packed with mobs, and they have small and narrow corridors that you don't have a lot of space to move when once the actual puddle. Starts piling up. And the easiest way to deal with sanguine is to just keep moving. Once you see the mobs are at low HP. And one mob is about to die. Just simply if you're thanking them, just simply move just by a bit.

So that the rest of the mobs aren't standing in the puddle from the mob dying, and you're good to go. Some caster mobs can actually be tricky to deal with simply because they keep standing at one place and keep casting spells at the tank. And if you see a puddle underneath such a. Mob just interrupt him and make sure that he moves towards the bank and that he's not standing in the puddle. And if you're still having trouble with sanguine, just make sure that you invite the class that can either knock back the mobs, or that can grip them out of the pools and that's going to make your life. A lot easier and moving on.

We have bursting during bursting weeks. Mobs, upon that are going to leave a dot on all players. That's going to do damage equal to fourteen percent of their HP over the next. Four seconds and this dot stacks in addition to that damage, it also deals three-and-a-half percent of the player's HP. When the dot itself is applied, a lot of people actually hate bursting, and they hate it just because they cannot mindlessly AOE. Now, the easiest way to deal with bursting is actually not to kill a lot of mobs at the same time, or even if you actually do kill a lot of mobs at the same time, just make sure that they die at the same exact moment, people actually wiping bursting, not.

Because the stacks themselves reached on unhealable amount, but because they kept reapplying, the dot as it was just about to fall off. So when bursting is active it's really important that you DPS the mobs equally and that they all die at the same time, because if they don't die at the same time, you're going to end with the dot on yourself for more than four seconds and that's, not going to be easy for your healers to heal up. Also. Another good thing to note is that all immunities actually drop all of your. Stacks of burst things. So cloak of shadows paladin's bubble ice block that all works.

So make sure that you use them as soon as you can and to help your healers out. So for first thing, try not to over pull, even if you do over pull make sure that you have some at least some kind of defensive cooldown up so that you can help your healers out and make sure that all the mobs die at the same time and next up, we have mini now during teaming weeks, additional non-boss enemies are going to spawn. Throughout the dungeon and the amount of mobs required for you to kill to reach.

The percentage is increased there's, not really much to say about teaming apart from that. Some packs might have additional mobs spawn into them that are going to make the whole pack a bit trickier to deal with. But you can easily just CC some mobs in that pack and just be done with it. So just make sure to check what mobs. The packs consist of and to prioritize the target accordingly.

And next we have raging now. During raging weeks, non-boss enemies are going to enrage at 30% of their HP, and they're going to deal a hundred percent increased damage until they're defeated the best advice that I can give you during the raging week is that you should definitely prioritize enemies that have AOE abilities, because those tend to be particularly deadly during raging weeks. If the fact that you're about to pull consists of a lot of mobs, make sure that you prioritize them accordingly, because you don't want to enrage them. All at the same time, if however, you do enrage them all at the same time, then just make sure that you use your cc's in order for your tank to move away. So that he doesn't get one shot at by the mobs, and that wraps it up for the level, 4 brackets. Now we can move on to the affixes that appear at level 7 keys. And above first up, we have volcanic during volcanic weeks when engaged in combat enemies will periodically spawn, small volcanoes that will erupt dealing moderate damage.

This is considered to be. One of the easiest affixes that is currently out there. So all you need to do to deal with this is just kept an eye out on those smaller volcanoes when they spawn. And when they do spawn, just make sure that you move out of them, and you're, good I, guess that it can get a bit tricky.

If you have to actually stack up, but that really shouldn't be an issue because you'll have plenty of time to move out when the actual of volcanoes themselves spawn moving on. We have quaking during quaking weeks. Players. Will periodically quake, inflicting 20% of players, HPS damage and interrupt spell casting in an 8 yard radius. This one is pretty straightforward, just make sure that when quaking does appear that you're all spread out not to be standing in each other's circles and make sure that you're not casting any spells when quaking is about to hit if you're not sure on 1 quaking is about to hit just keep an eye out for an even smaller circle inside your big circle, it's just going to keep growing until it. Reach the edges of the circle.

And once it does reach the edges, the quaking will explode, and it will interrupt your spell cast moving on. We have skittish now during skittish weeks, thanks are going to generate 75% less threat. And this FX is pretty easy to deal with if you're going to have a rogue or a hunter in your group, just make sure that they keep using tricks of the trade or a misdirect on your tanks, and you're good to go. If you, however, do not have access to either a rogue or a hunter. Then just.

Make sure that you let your tank get some aggro on to the mobs themselves before you actually start dosing so that you don't over aggro your tank and that the mobs don't kill you next up. We have necrotic during necrotic weeks. All enemies melee attacks are going to apply a rebuff that does tick damage, and that reduces healing received. And that rebuff also stacks the easiest way to deal with this is to actually an o eat down mobs.

As soon as you can if however, you do not have enough DPS, then I would. Strongly recommend that you invite, at least some classes that have some form of AOE stuns or cc's. So that if it actually does go out of hand that you can create a gap for your tanks to move away and to let the rebuff drop off necrotic also favors the tangs that have a lot of mobility. So that's, also another thing to keep in mind when dealing with necrotic next up, we have explosives during explosive weeks. Mobs have a chance to spawn, an explosive or better nearby location that will detonate after 6, Seconds and deal 50% damage to players health, the easiest way to deal with explosive is to just have all the mobs, stacked up and use either a weak aura or a macro so that you can actually switch to the explosives. As soon as you can keep in mind that a OE damage doesn't work on orbs. So that you actually have two hearts which to it and single target it down.

So when dealing with explosives also make sure that you don't over pull a lot of mobs, because all of those mobs have a chance to spawn, an. Orb and it can easily get out of hand next up, we have Grievous during previous weeks while below ninety percent HP players are afflicted with grievous wounds. This will stack and does increasing damage until healed above 90 percent HP again. And the best advice that I can give you for grievous weeks is that you should just keep an eye out on your healers' MANA. And you should help him out as much as you can pretty much every class in the game at the moment has some sort of self-heal. So if you see.

That the or healers are struggling just help them out a bit by healing yourself or maybe by healing, some of your group members. And lastly, we have reaping, which is a season 2 exclusive ethics and appears only in dungeons that are level 10 and above. And what does reaping do?

Well, all the enemies that you kill leave behind a ghost with 50% of the HP of the mobs, normal health, those ghosts are going to become active once your mob kill counter reaches 20, 40 60 80 or 100 percent. And once the ghosts are. Active they start running towards you, and they start attacking you, and there are three types of ghosts risen souls, which are a main ad and on each successful, mainly attack. They apply a deeper the damages players for 2% of their maximum HP. And this effect is this parable next. We have tormented souls.

They cast grave bolt that is an interrupt Abdul five-second, cast spell that damages the player for 25% of their HP. If it goes through. And lastly, we have lost souls. They cast a frontal spell and that. Spell is going to leave behind a large purple circle on the ground that circle can be dodged.

And if players are caught in that circle, their HP is going to be reduced by 20% for one minute. Additionally, when lost souls die, they leave behind a lot of green swirling on the ground that we use your damage and healing by 10% per stack. And this effect lasts for 30 seconds.

So the best way to deal with this is actually to have everybody stack up at the same at the same point and to line-of-sight all the. Mobs that are running towards you. And since those mobs, don't really have a lot of HP just make sure that once they are all stack that you AOE them down as soon as possible and continue with your dungeon in some dungeons last wave of the reaping mobs can actually be skipped and to do so just make sure that you kill the last boss in the dungeon before you actually hit 100% mark on your mob counter.

And with that, we come to the end of this video. If you liked what you saw, remember to hit that. Like button, subscribe to my channel, and I'll see you next time.

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