My Edc 1St Aid Kit!


Hey folks, so today, I want to cover my personal everyday carry first-aid to kind of my modified version of an iPod. But this is it right here right? So it's, pretty massive it's, pretty bulky as you can see, and I can't even fit everything in it that I want. So it's, pretty, pretty good-sized I actually, keep a cold pack. And this SAM splint in my backpack, and it's, pretty, pretty bulky. And it kind of rattles around in there, I'm not crazy about it.

So I thought, I'd, upgrade it. And so got a Rothko tactical. Breakaway pouch, so this guy is MOLLY compatible, and it looks to be a little more user, friendly. So I'm going to open it up here and show you what it looks like off.

So this is the basic pouch. Alright? And it kind of lays flat, right? So you can see all three components. And of course, it's in a slightly better color than red.

It is OD green a little a more little more tactical. But the whole point of this bag is that you can rip it off this big Velcro panel and grab it. If you need it I'm gonna. Pause, the video, and I'm going to load up all my everyday carry medical gear in here and show you what it looks like. Okay, so we are back, and I have it fully loaded.

So it is a little thicker than my other kit, but it is supremely organized. And it holds everything in one pouch, one pouch that I can quickly deploy out of my backpack and use I love. If it's, very convenient. And the best part about the Rothko, you know, brand name is that these are not very expensive. Yes, they're. Not made in the States.

But this is a bag that gets good reviews out there on the internet. But also it is not one of those bags that I think you're going to use day in and day out. So it should be. Okay. One thing I wanted to note before we show you how I packed out my bag is that this guy right here is the back panel right? And it has this strap on it, and it has the Mali attachment, but it also contains these d-rings. So if you wanted to you could put this on the pouch, and you could carry it around, you can put para cord or.

Some type of luggage strap or a sling of some kind, and you could carry it around as an independent, you know, film, medic kit. So that's a kind of nice option. But for me since I'm going to put this in a backpack down in a backpack and pull it out when needed it's my everyday carry and I don't, really want to advertise that I have a trauma kit with me.

So this is going to go in storage because I just don't really need to attach it with Molly and I don't really need the quick River way feature. So that's. Gonna go in storage in case, I changed my mind or find a better use for it.

But as you can see it's, very slick, alright, it's, very organized. You all I really require right now is to put, you know, my blood type, or you know, a first-aid cross of some kind on this Velcro field here, I chose to put my trauma, shears on the outside because they're really bulky, but they do fit on the inside. They just take up space.

I put my CPR mask and a spare pair of gloves on the outside it's, very convenient, and it's. Right?. There and I attached it to my zipper.

So the best part about this is it lays flat, hell? You can even hang it. If you wanted to you could hang it up on a tree limb on your car? Mirror you could hang it up? However, you want it.

So the best use that I found for the zippered mesh bag is that this is where I keep all my miscellaneous boohoo stuff. Right? So the best part about all this is, this is a great place for all those band-aids and little tiny, you know, gauze pads and all that stuff because it.

Lays, flat, it's, great, it's, also great to put moleskin in there for blisters it's great to put in little tiny, you know, Advil. And of course, you got to have your baby aspirin because this is what you give when someone has a heart attack. Another really unity thing to do is if you individually bagged your appointments and medicines, then when you open up this, this say, this burn relief gel right, it's, just in a little disposable package. But if you have it in a Ziploc bag, you can use it.

And then you can. Put it in here and save it and seal it up for other applications. So you can get a couple of uses out of it. And this thing goes for, you know, the little first-aid creams or what's this iodine, you know, stuff like that I also went ahead and put all of my, you know, Benzedrine and iodine and alcohol pads all in here. So that I could get to them easily.

But you don't have to you could easily just let them free float inside this compartment, but that's kind of my boohoo kit. And it works really, really well. This middle section or the main section is really my heavy bleeding. So of course, I've got my cat tourniquet. You should always have these out of the packaging, and you should always have them ready to go really to be quite honest with you. You have to be very careful about where you buy your tourniquets, don't, buy cheap, don't, buy offline unless you trust, the people you're getting it from I would not buy it from eBay or Amazon. I truly would go to, you know, cat, or I would go to a true medical supply.

House so you've got to be careful with these, but they're truly one-of-a-kind items. Yeah, can you make out of a belt in a stick? Absolutely you can? But this guy is purpose-built for the task, and it's always good to have at least one. So then we have gauze which this is just cheap, cheap rolls of God's that I then put in little tiny, ziplock baggies and took out as much air as I possibly could these are perfect for wound.

Packing I have two of those another feature about this kit that I really. Like is you can tether to those little tiny, para cord points that are in this corner of each of the main compartments here, there's two here and there's two up here. You can put your roll of tape on there. So when you need some tape, you just roll it off, right, it's, perfect, and it's, very heavy, plus if you are hanging this bag up, it won't fall out. So that's, really, really cool. Next I always keep an Israeli bandage.

These guys are great I, absolutely love them. This patch is specifically built for this. So. It seems like it is anyway, it's great, I, absolutely love. It always has some clotting agent of some kind I prefer the gauze impregnated Booklet instead of these sponges. But this would work in a pinch steri-strips are fantastic.

You always have to have those, and then I just have an assortment of large bandages and pads. They work great. They fit perfectly in this little tiny area right here. And so you just have everything organized, and it's, really nice, and I can't stress enough how awesome it is. That you can lay everything flat, because then you can see what you have to work with, and you can grab it, particularly if you're trying to apply pressure to a patient and trying to grab something out of your kit.

You can do that one-handed. So then this last section I've kind of used that as mine. And you my tool section if you will. So obviously you can have the little tiny, you know, disposable thermometer. Some q-tips are always pleasant tongue.

Depressor is always good. Getting out splinters are a big. Deal I, always carry a little saline, I wash. Alright, because you never know when you're going to have an eye injury. Spare gloves are really, really awesome. And you should carry them all the time Oh always going to have a sharpie city that you can write either on their arm or their forehead, or whatever you can write the time that you applied that tourniquet it's really important to communicate I, was able to get my medium-sized, cold pack in here. So this kit is not going to contain everything in the world. But I do a lot of 4h shooting sports and a lot of Boy Scout stuff, and you just never know what's going to happen.

And frankly, when you're dealing with knives and guns and fires people get burnt, they get stabbed, you know, and God forbid, if you have an accident with a firearm, you have to have a way to control it. And the best part about this kit is it can contain everything to deal with that major trauma, I'm even able to get a saline syringe in there. So that I could do a deep reading or a deep. Cleanse of a puncture wound of some type, and I was even able to get my semi split in there. So these, you know, thin pieces of aluminum covered in.

And in foam are fantastic they're great. You can use them for all kinds of things whether it's a serious sprain, a break, whatever, these are really great, never leave home without them. And then lastly, I just keep a roll of bandage that you know, self, adheres to itself that goes by several names out there. This happens to be koan, which is the 3m.

Product, but these are incredible I. Absolutely love them. This kit is well worth the money.

There are more expensive bags out there that you can buy this one is going to be well under $20 and I, highly recommend it. Okay. Let's finish up like we always do with pros and cons. And so the first pro for me, always always always is cost. And this is sub $20 most places. So that means that you would be able to buy one for your other car, your boat, your cabin, your wife's bag, your kids bags, whatever.

So it is really. Affordable now, yes, it's not made in the States and I do consider that a con. But the quality seems to be very solid I, dig the Rocco stuff. A just seems to work I, really wish. It was made in the States employing Americans, but they're, not so the cost the fact that it lays out flat, that's, probably the second big Pro for me. And it comes in a range of colors, which is also very nice, because then you could if you really wanted to you could do, you know, a trauma kit, a boo-boo kit, whatever so that's.Really, really awesome and pleasant and handy. And like I said, the only real con I have is that it's not made in the States, but it is huge.

You can pack all kinds of stuff into this trauma bag. You could make a huge boo-boo kid. The possibilities are endless. So you could use it even for something other than a first aid kit. Right? You could use it for a fire-making kit. You could use it for a food kit.

Furthermore, you could use it for I, don't know, maybe some type of travel bag right that could be a ditty bag. I think. Could hold your your your toiletries, so it's really, really handy. And again, for the cost I really cannot complain I really love. If I think it's a big upgrade for me, so it's a big it's, a big win. So as always if you like these type of videos, please do me a huge favor like share comment.

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