Minecraft But You Can't Touch The Color Blue...


Last video, if you touched the color gray, you died, but now it's, the color blue, do you see this rocket ship the only way to leave this deadly world is to complete your bingo card to get the rocket fuel and then escape with the rocket. Your impression, always says, it's so, fast, wait, how do we get our maps? How do we get our backs?

Wait? Where did this are the chest around here? Got the boats baby? Okay, I almost missed my loot chest. Let's, go. Where do we find our maps?

This is the middle chest. What do you? Mean, you want to come to this point my board is like one help. I have an x. I have an axe. Furthermore, I have an ax have an axe. Give me your boat chase, I'm going to break it. Please.

I have no sleep. Dude. I leave you for now. Oh, preset. I have a flower for you. This is going to be a crazy.

Video, ladies and gentlemen. This time we made a custom world. And there is blue, literally everywhere, oh, dude, it's so weird, oh an apple. Oh, okay.

An apple is perfect. If I get a golden apple that's, one of the items for the bingo card. So let me tell you how things are about to go down the first person that gets an elimination in this video gets a custom item that shoots blue water. Water is blue wild right? So everyone right now is out for first blood that's. Why chase is looking at me now I could just eliminate him by using my axe or sword, but I'm, not going to do that I'm going to take these beautiful corn flowers and the blue orchids and see if we can eliminate chase, oh, dude, come on wait, or we just get this guy is he no wait. I don't, even think he knows that we're here all right, we got some more, oh this, oh my gosh.

Okay. Okay. That's blue everywhere, ladies and gentlemen, we have spotted our first target as he's currently crafting, whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa. Hi, oh, hey, you you you don't want that accident is this some kind of alliance you just took my crafting table. This is far from an alliance.

I was just threatening him tremendously. I don't like you getting near me anymore. What I don't like is all this blue, these flowers and. Random pieces of blue sand.

Have got a go I'm. So stressed, just walking around those blue blocks on the floor. I can't, it's, just everything is blue. And whose idea was it to give us. Gold items.

Man, this is terrible who did that that was just ridiculous I'm already down in some wood chase. Why'd you take my crafting banshee monster, you can spam a monster, Frisbee, all right? So here's. The thing if the entire surface of the world is now blue, I've got a bad feeling that the caves have also been turned blue. I can't believe it's even affecting this area all right, let's, get those stone tools rock and roll, ladies and gentlemen, we got plenty of wood. I just thought, how are we going to survive if we can't drink water? Dude, these kids are kind of deep, oh my gosh, oh my gosh.

I just had a huge idea. Not only can we use flowers to eliminate our opponents. But if we make a diamond axe or diamond tool, we can technically one shot, the opponent oh, come on. Dude, wait bless, oh, all we got to do is get iron now. Oh. Please tell me there's more than one diamond, Redstone, Redstone, Redstone, Redstone, a kind soul who wants to respond to me, no.

So since you're talking to me, okay, how do you make a target wouldn't? You like to know I would like to know, it's a hay block, surrounded by four Redstone dust. I knew that you knew that, oh, yeah, you did. You know everybody in the comments, put some prayer emojis. Here we go. Please tell me.

This is a vein of one. Wait, two, oh, tell me there's one more, oh, you know what that's fine. That's, okay, we can no no no. This is fine. Dude. We can make a diamond sword.

Gator is in the cave right in front of us. I just saw his name tag. Remember if we get first blood, we get the custom item, the water gun, I'm I'm, telling you guys like you don't want to miss out on this. I don't know if he hears us coming though, oh there he is, oh look at this. Wait dude, he probably has mad loot on all right. We got.

We have to drop down we're dropping down Preston. You wouldn't happen to be around here. Would you've? Got something for you now, dude, okay, what makes you is it?

Because I always kill you first in these videos is that what you think I'm close. I didn't even know, the first, but thanks for pointing out and making me feel worse than I already did listen, you know what happens if you get first blood in this video? Why are you saying like that? Bro are you nearby or not I'm getting some Redstone? You don't need me. Mr gator give me the diamond sword. I had an axolotl where's, the axolotl, wait doesn't.

This. Have water in it? Yes, oh, my lord all right so gator. Well, the question is what's, uh, oh, I have to see what items you were what route were you going he's going to go for the top round, but I didn't actually get any diamonds. Apparently you did though, oh I made mine into a diamond sword.

Well, that's your fault. If this video gets 100 000 likes, I won't target gator first to the next other video, please like the video priest has been growing apples this literal whole time, checklist on the ground actual. Schmuck what are you doing? Listen that's. My third item, wait, we forgot the most important thing, the water gun, look at this behemoth all right. So let me show you how this thing works. Um, it shoots water three times, but then it runs out.

And what you have to do is you actually go to a water source to refill it up, but it's got this strange arc like look, it doesn't shoot that far as you can see. So you have to be really careful with it. But this thing is so sick.

Okay, I'll grant you this. One wish take the. Apple and go in peace, but if I die, you must beat my brother you promise me this, I will then, oh we're, definitely using this on our next victim. All right. So if I could hunt anybody in the world right now, it'd probably be my little brother Caleb, oh, my god.

I thought that was him there's a squid. Oh, and I found him all right? Listen. This is going to be a little dangerous. I don't know if you can hear me breaking blocks, oh he's moving now he's.

Moving do you think you're going to get the rocket fuel first and. Escape, I already have four items, no really no way. Well, I just have to smelt them. But I don't know if I have any items if I'm being honest are you capping you're capping, you have at least one of them is grass on a magic carpet, you're mining. Next to me are you here? I really heard mine next to me chase said, it was him, wait, how do you hear that are you sure no it's? Fine, you have no advantage over me.

I have listened. Listen. Listen.

I actually I come in peace. Furthermore, I come in peace. Okay. Furthermore, I come.

Furthermore, I got to leave. Dude, where did you actually come from no you're blue? Oh my, gosh, wait, wait.

Hold on. I have to see what okay. So you're, definitely going the bottom row because you wanted the gold chest plate. Uh, no, yes. You were wait. What did you? Oh, you're going golden apple.

I just made a golden chest plate. Wait, wait, no, no, no. No. No, oh, I guess, yeah.

You don't have an under pearls that won't make any sense. What about the blind still here I'm getting out of here, you're the enemy. Goodbye. Okay. I love you bro, wait. How is he.

Planning on getting sand, oh, he was going red stuff. Wait, wait. I understand okay. He was going Redstone block.

Ah, golden apple arrow. Does he even have an arrow? He didn't even have an arrow and then glass. I didn't even know what that is that dirt? I repeat Preston has a water gun.

We can shoot a secret and refill it. Hey, listen. Listen. Look.

Come on guys. We can all be friends. Oh, he died.

He has a water gun. Be careful all I can do is warn you I'm from the grave. Goodbye.

Boys Caleb, you know, he could be a. Little crazy, sometimes, you know, he doesn't know what he's talking about dude there, it is beautiful people if we can get an arrow and the golden apple, we can get the rocket fuel and escape on the rocket ship. We just have to kill chase this world is so big he could be anywhere. Oh, my is that a blue zombie.

What is the okay? I don't even know if the blue zombie dies, the water gun. Okay, the chicken does but does the zombie this? Oh, thank god. All right? Well, at least now we know that there are blue mobs in.

The freaking cave man, oh, oh, why didn't that work? Why it's? Okay, we have a sword for a reason.

Oh, my dearest, okay, at least the creepers aren't, blue. Man, dude, could you imagine there's? Blue, creepers. We'd have chaos everywhere. No.

Mr, jalapeo. Man, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No.

No. Hold on. Oh, dude, please just stay away from me. Bro just take away all right now that we got that out of the way we can make our shield. Oh, this is beautiful.

All right. So the reason why I wanted to make a shield right is because we have. To get an arrow. We also need to get some gold that would while down here too, because I can't guarantee that chase has the items that we need, but I know, there's like there's, dude, there's, 100, there's, gold and skeletons in here. Somewhere.

I feel like the caves are just getting bigger and bigger. Oh yes, oh we found some gold, and we found emeralds too holy cow. All right. This gold is very SUS it's, directly above some blue blocks. Oh, we don't like that we don't like that all right? How do we pick this up.

Without dying, you have to break the blocks, oh, good, there's, more blue blocks, you know, I'm, not even going to take the chance. No, no, no I'm just going to go for these. Oh, no. But we need those.

If you venture down into my little, uh, you know, survival cave down here. Um, it's, honestly, very interesting. Uh, there are a lot of mobs down here, really prison.

I'm. Serious should we team up? I think I'm, I think I'm hearing a team up coming right now.

I'm hearing a dream team. Yeah, dude. But. Not like, you know, not, I don't know about that, and with that, ladies and gentlemen, the bingo card is one away from completion.

We require an arrow. I bet you money chase has an arrow. Hey, preset, preset let's just get my boat buddy, get in my boat, where are we going right now?

Listen to me, you're our best chance to stop Preston. I will give you everything. I have all we require is a shell. Okay, I have everything else on the left side. I'll, go fight him for you.

You have to make it out of here. I will try my. Best you dirty boys, I heard that give me the precept. I know what you're doing coming closer to me all right? Okay? Fine. You can kill me.

Just take my baby. Take care of him. Okay, I'm not going to take care of your axe. A lot. Oh, my gosh, he's, not going to be the first space, axolotl, what's, freaking cold pressure.

Why are you doing this? I have a diamond sword and a water gun. I can literally kill you in a freaking heartbeat. No you're doing this.

Jason you're, actually going to get yourself killed by a guy I'm. Telling you buddy, oh, no, all of your chase. You had arrows you had it is that what you need?

Yes, wait a second. Okay. Whoop. Give me your bingo card.

Please wait. Did you give me the rocket fuel? Uh, give me the bingo card. First, oh, okay. Hold on. So I went one from the bottom left to right all right we're going to do this bad. Boy in order Redstone, golden apple.

Juan arrow piece of glass is that everything you require there. Mr, referee, you sure have yourself some rocket fuel. Thank you. Bye. Oh, wait.

Did he leave? Because there's another player is preset about to be done with his bingo card. Why else would the referee have left so fast? No, no, no, no. This isn't. Good.

This is not good. No, reset I'm going my friend, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No. No, wait there's got to be a better way than this there's got to be a better way, I'm taking advantage of your cobblestone. Remember, I can actually speed bridge low-key. Nope, yeah.

Look at this. Nope. Oh dude, oh, I wish I was a little faster at bridging, oh, whoa. Water. , you just had a golden opportunity.

My guy, oh, my friend, it seems you have run out of items. Have you not? Huh? No, not at all my friend, no, my friend you have to run out of items. Oh, Mr. President.

Why did you go all the way down to the bottom? Listen, my guy, I don't think you chose the right direct direction. What interesting? Uh, what are you doing Spider-Man?

Right now? You know what I will be the gentleman. I can put this rocket fuel in and escape. But I will be a gentleman because you're, technically on. My rocket ship, and I'm, not going to allow you to escape. Yes, I know, I'm. So sorry, what are you doing?

Preston is the winner. Thank you.

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