Metternich Stela In Depth Translation - Word For Word - Spell Against Poison - Part 5 Of 18


Now a spell against poison, which is over here, be spewed out poison, come out and go forth on the ground, enchanting, you Horus and constraining, which goes over here. Constraining you spat on you. These two are together and cannot rise trample down weaken. These are together weakened cannot be forceful.

So cannot be forceful be craven. So these are together be craven cannot fight. Blind cannot see turned upside down.

His head cannot raise the face reverse. Meaning go back. You cannot find the way saddened. He. Cannot become or be happy. Lost cannot open your face through what Horus has said, functional through magic. You are.

This is Horus saying it the poison that was in activity. Sad became of it of the heart of the many being the people killing it Horus with his effective magic. And who was in sadness is now in joy, stand up this you who are in sadness for you have been endowed by Horus with life. Now, over here, the one who has come burdened has gone forth by himself, because of the fallen biting.

Rebels and every woman and man's eye, they will glimpse the sun, and they will worship the son of Osiris be turned away snake. And now over here and take you so take you your poison that is in any limb of the afflicted look for. It is forceful the magic of Horus against you. You spew out opponent be turned you poison.

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