Mercedes Srs Airbag Light Reset Kit - Md702


Alright guys, this is our best city's bent, it's, a Mercedes, e-class w213 here, Mercedes. We have the SRS warning message and warning light showing on our dashboard here. 3 CF, inoperative, see, owner's manual.

Sr's restraint system. Malfunction visit workshop. You don't necessarily need to visit the workshop. You can use something like this tool here, which is what we have. This is the hotel MD 7:02, which is available just by clicking the link below this video. And what we're going to do is we've already. Selected our specific vehicle I'm just going to show you a short video of the Hotel, MD, 7:02, actually resetting the airbag, the SRS light from this Mercedes e-class here.

So just click on the airbag function. It's, just making a connection with the airbag system. So we're going to read the fault codes, I'll, not read them all out I'll. Let you pause, the video if you need to, but I'll just read out the actual the codes.

So we've got nine two, two, nine, two, two, three, nine, zero, zero, seven, nine, one, eight, Three now we know the fault was relating to the squib underneath the driver's seat. So we've we've connected everything back together. We've fixed all of that what we really need to do. Now though is just simply erase the codes.

So if you just keep one eye on the warning message on the SRS light while I array, these codes there we go they've gone out there, erased codes command center. So there we go the SRS light and that pre-safe light will also reset itself. So this is the auto tell me d70 to.

Just click the link directly below this video, and it will take it to the page on our website.

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