Manual De Ipad 16Gb 32Gb 64Gb, Como Utilizar Ipad


And now everyone, this is a manual about their iPhone. There is no forge, sorry. This is my life about iPad, and it has the y for 1234. It doesn't matter which one they are all almost the same only that the human has a camera. Well, this is iPad 1, but many things don't matter with him.

There is something for everyone and behind the only thing he is going to show us is the camera obviously, because he does not have this. It is almost the same as an iPhone. Basically, what they immediately want is to create an.

Account with iCloud, which is here, create an account to put your contacts calendars and everything synchronize them. Well, if they have an iPhone, they will synchronize their notes with their iPhone, totally fine. The same with the cloud. They have to go to their run here. They can now impose count for email accounts and focus this a little better.

The email accounts you can go down. It has contacts. Well, that's your iPad for the basics of your iPad.

That's when you press the big button here, the apps never. Close, they actually stay in the background or so today for it's slow, or it's dying, the battery really fast, sometimes because opening a bunch of apps, they kept doing this exactly minimizing. They opened and minimized them never really closed to close them from mixing double click here and holding engagement and dedication is they go closing, and they saw how they stay in the background, and so they have nothing. And if nothing is open, everything is fine. But from there something is open like their.

Facebook if they simply press this button to close it to close it? Well, they have to do this one more time and that's it that the iPad as you can see to be able to put many applications. It is not suggested to have one less than 32.

GB of this 64 of 16 more or less good. But already with the new applications that come out in games, they can play have the weight of a gig. For example, this game that is that they can even use the internet and play this game in this. One gig has a gig of that only the. Game has in play decides good. They are going to have only 16 games. And the memory of their iPad is over, so I propose having a minimum of 32.

GB, 64 is optimal. But well, the basics of their iPad is that operation. Synchronize, arena, white iCloud.

They have to download iTunes. I. Am I going to teach them in my Mac there is also for pc iTunes is not only for mac so don't think that you only have one mac, you can fear iTunes. You have to download it to synchronize. Everything on your iPad. The iTunes logo is down.

Here if you have maxi, they synchronize everything much better because under iCloud, you will have the option on your iPad in iCloud of the spring forum. That is here the screaming forum. It is very important to have it I bet if they have a mark so that they automatically synchronize, their photos of their computer. They never have to even connect it to their computer. If they have that in the photos' application is here, they are going to have a folder called spring forums.

They are going to have the. Normal photos, which is the one that goes directly to your what did they synchronize with their iTunes and their white forums. Cousin does not take up physical space on their iPad. But the photos are there as a virtual space, but it does not occupy gigabytes or any soft memory. So it is very significant to have the crisis forums that they have MCH for Synchronize your stream forum. Basically, you just have to have the live forum installed in your frame that comes free with all the maxims.

Then by law, you. Have when you open your iPhone, or it will come out like this here, they have spring forums, click here. And it puts you in phonon, and It's already starting to download all your photos that you have on your iPad Wi-Fi to your Mac the same. If you have visual photos because they started on their own I recommend. If you have your iPad connected to your computer with a forum with photo, don't, import your photos, let the forum stream take idea, and then simply take a photo or take all you can put. Control to select all your photos, yes, good command.

And in the case of Marc already and select all your photos, and you can drag them to a folder outside and that's how they transfer them it's, the easiest and simplest way to transfer your photos, although you have them on your iPad. Well, we've brought back the iPad by keeping many applications. So you want to have many applications without paying or rooms paid to have is free to maintain that doing the jailbreak recommends them to go to a. Technician if they don't know what that is and that they can do the jailbreak since in my case, I have jailbroken. And in addition to sixty-fonz and two iPads and never nothing bad has happened, So my experience is super simple, it's, not just downloading an application, It's a jailbreak process, You have to install it, too, It installed up to here, And from there, you download the applications, just click here and all of them will be loaded the applications, one click like in books. For example, you.

Get a list of those they put given a place here someone comes up here. If nothing comes up here, they cannot be downloaded in e, In. This case, if we can download it, we click there, and you have to follow the steps that I tell you, only a few letters come out there. And you have to do things once the application is downloaded, They will go to this folder, Here are the applications that have been downloaded from the iPad, click on top, and I'm going to give you the option to install the installed.

Application it takes a little while you can also start it, and you will see your application already installed here or today. The iPad will notify you once again, you have to close your applications. Don't, forget to do that. And thus get free applications is something essential. If you have an email, you can get the applications for free since these things are very, very expensive. So it is essential to have that. Anyway, I recommend you download the video on Twitter, which is to be able to read PDF.

Documents is then free books. You can download many PDF's, it's free from Google. And you can drag Lusaka fabric PDF onto your iPad. You can still make documents all this.

You can have gratis. And they have the jailbreak well, it's the essentials of their iPad. If you have any comments or suggestions for this explanation of something else about your iPad work, please leave a message here on YouTube it's for Esther this video and don't, forget to buy one of their cases that will protect your iPad, plus a. Screen protector.

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