Kimo Hussey Ukulele Video Series: David Chen Plays "Mo Li Hua"


Hello, I'm, IMO Haas. And this is my good. Good friend.

David Chen who lives in Taiwan, uh and is uh is actually one of the leaders, uh in uh development and uh, nurturing of ukulele, not only in Taiwan. But soon in China and other parts of Asia as well David has visited before he comes to Hawaii at least once every year and stays for at least a month. So he can learn anything. He can about, uh about ukulele. David, um, you want to say, hello to your friends in Taiwan. Buddy, hello, uh, I'm. David Chen and.

I'm very happy to be with people here, and as I have, uh, one of the most beautiful views in the world here. Okay. So, well, one of the uh, one of the things Dave. And I have, uh done is to talk a lot about a lot about ukulele. And so today we wanted to do a session specifically, uh regarding patients in the previous session.

We talked a little about, uh, maybe using a metronome. But one of the wonderful things about developing patients. If uh is, if you play with somebody else liked avid, and I will.

Play in a little, you have to well have to it's a bad word. One of the incredible things to do is to incorporate patience in the way you play with somebody else, because it doesn't have to be the music doesn't have to be fast all the time. In fact, I believe that if you slow down ukulele and give the ukulele opportunity to breathe that the music and the emotional involvement, uh in the music will be much, much better. So, uh, what we're going to do is just play for you, uh, uh, a Chinese song. Yes, yes. Uh, the name of this song is mold. CWA.

David tell us about what this song means. Okay, molly Huey means just mean flower. So the song describes the characters of the flower and also then the guy want to give the flower to his logger. Yeah, it's a beautiful song.

Okay. And uh. And the flower is a jasmine flower. Yeah, is that right?

Yeah. Okay. So this song is, what is the the the jasmine? Okay? So, uh, so this is slashed Pikachu, and it's a Chinese song.

In fact, David don't, forget to sing some too. Okay. Okay.

They were about, uh, let's, see this that's a that's a patient temple? Okay, you're. Ready.

Yeah, shoot. So, oh, oh patience. It's, a wonderful thing.

Thanks. David, see you next time.

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