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And guys how are you guys in the previous video? We talked about the first theory of the front topographic theory and in this video now, I wanted to explain to you Fred's. Second theory called brain structure theory of psychic structure.

And he concluded the study of this theory and 1920, so I'm going to put the figure here for you, look, This is the figure here you can see the ego instinct that the IDE extinct and portions and the super EMB. Now, look at the analogy of the two dates and see here, the. Two on a conscious and conscious side and unconscious on the other side, the ego and superego and from a repressed conscious look only at the unconscious state, and they are all repressed. Remember, the figure of the iceberg that I told you in the three instances conscious and conscious and unconscious has a super and good 3 also has an echo. Let me explain this to you, which is better I think explaining better the first thing we have to understand our IDE, and it is composed of instincts and punctures. Functions is what you keep wishing for extinct. There is a moment when you stop when the child has to perform the sphincter, she stops performing the sphincters' advisor.

Na, she is no longer comfortable. So that is a question and extinct every time we have the will we will produce four. It is an incentive issue. It would be the functional issue when the desire stops when the desire is extremely continuous. For example, those people who have an autoimmune disease called straight policy, be active. They.

Never stop you wish for sphincters. Then we see that it is something professional, or when you eat a small piece of 12 pieces of chocolate. You want to eat a whole box of chocolates is a professional desire that has much more to do with a psychic emotional issue.

And with the issue of desire, you have that extinction thing about eating. And it was like this, analyzing the patients that talking wrote this second topic, because when he finishes writing the first topic of him, conscious and unconscious. That speaks of the iceberg that speaks of that figure of the iceberg, he realized that he needed to write something more. And the IDE are our desires are our wills to err insatiable.

And the ego is the personality of the subject superego, the moral value that is inside the people are the superego that will generate in some people that constant feeling of guilt and something that we have to learn. You can never forget. The superego is not formed by the parents, but by the superego of the parents are.

Those moral values, those ethical values, those limits, those moral structural issues of the parents who are going to make us. And many of us we are raised in the religious environment. For example, we are going to establish a super is extremely positive. But you have to understand the difference between ethics and moral is that you stop doing because there's a father watching there's, a god, watching there's a government, watching there's someone watching and ethics, what you stop doing. Because you understand that you have to do not even if you have desires, you stop doing that. There is no one looking at that.

Look at the cap package that Michel got explained so much in the disciplinary society. But that look is not about you, but you understand that without ceasing to do so, inside the superego. There are these moral values. There is what is built inside you and w have to understand that when the CEDIP s, complex declines, the superego comes back in my videos and I see everything I. Alrea, y have I talked about the headquarters complex. You will learn more there is in play garbage psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud. You will see them then as it declines overcome as the human being understands that he can no longer have his father or mother, depending on whose is he already his gender, if he is a boy, he cannot have a mother if he is a girl. He cannot have a father.

You will understand that the Oedipus complex declines. The supreme establishes in the subject superego goes. Es is inside the. Subject, and we have to understand that the child walks around there, until the final stage of the child's sexual life is established that the genital flaw. He has this one I'm using the superego, so I'll understand myself the following you are on a beach and see someone you like a lot. Your Indian will come to talk to you like this. You will stay with him.

It matters the ct husband married. If you have a wife, nothing days stay with him. Look at the artist you wished for the artist you wished for now, the. Superego comes to say, no do it? No don't do it. No, that can happen.

Something can cause a problem with your wife can find out your husband can find out your boyfriend can find out about your girlfriend. Your parents can find out don't stay with him. So we have a strength that comes from the superego talking should not do not do it is not right. And there is another one is from the extinct, which is from the IDE, which is personal, whoever says like this, it will fulfill your desires and who.

Decides is the ego that the personality If I follow the superego I understand that I have already had the decline of the Oedipus, complex If, I follow and say, I follow the functional and instinctual desires I understand that I have not yet declined the Oedipus complex I understand that I still live a child inside I speak, much louder than the adult. So this is the theory that speaks and Diego and let's overcome the name of this theory. Sigma Floyd's, psychic structure theory, I hope, this video quickly. You can understand, but calm down I will post, many videos still explaining this.

And as we post, you will learn the theory of FLA said, you can never forget. There are 23 textbooks, plus one, which is his entire index. So there are 24 with a penis. 23. He studies on the theory of psychoanalysis is one of the more complex works have. So sometimes the questions people talk like that today, but I don't understand that it's a tip go back to the video without repeating me when I'm studying something on the.

Channel tube I also come back. So many times that sometimes I repeat I, apologize, sometimes I don't understand then I come back. So I, don't, really like to explain very slowly, I.

Think it tires. Some people those people who have already learned. And you have to remember that this YouTube channel stops. Everyone is not just for those who don't know for those who know for those who don't know for everyone it's open to everyone.

But my tip is to come back here on the ball and see it again, you will learn MPE. And they also ask me for many repetitions of classes in the classes, remind friends, dear colleagues, YouTube, followers, I can just a little extract if you want to learn all the theory of psychoanalysis, if you have to study with us, but it's outside the countryside, you live in another state, look for a psychoanalysis school in your city and register if you are feeling the desire on our YouTube channel, look for a school near you, I really can't recommend any several people ask here for comments, Rios, but. My suggestion is look for one that you know that someone knows that is valid and go there ask to watch an experimental class, I don't, leave this experimental show that already have this YouTube channel. People can watch the classes lines that I can here. But in these schools, there is no YouTube channel ask to watch an experimental class, who knows if you will like it.

So today we talk about the structure of Floyd superego is semi said, hope you enjoyed kiss bye. Bye.

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