How To Use Non-Tesla Chargers To Charge Your Tesla


In your charging kit, you got what's commonly referred to as a JE 1772 adapter. It looks pretty much just like this, where it's got the Tesla end on one side and the J 1772 universal adapter on the other side, Tesla included this in your car. So you could actually use it to charge at non Tesla, charters and I. As you see I, took it out of the charging bag and I, keep it in the car.

So that way when I pull into a third party charger, such as charge point, blink, Eve ego and all bolt and all the rest I can. Just take it out of the car with me when I get out to chart, I don't have to go in the trunk or the trunk and look for I have to touch the charging bag. I just keep it in the center console of both the model 3 and the Model S. So I, just pulled into a chart point, let's, check it out and see how it works. So as you can see we're in a charge point, charger they're, two stations here. And this particular one happens to be free, but although its free is still need their app so that you can actually start a. Charging session, you won't be charged for it, but it makes it so much easier. If you go ahead and download the charge point app on an iPhone, it actually even installs the card in your wallet.

So you can just tap and do contactless payment if you needed to pay or just to start the charging. So I've got my phone ready with the Church point card in my wallet I'm, just going to go ahead and tap, and it's. Now authorizing me, even though like I said, it's, it comes right out once you pay. And this is what a J 1772. Looks like so basically I've got it. Here is my hand, I've got the Tesla, J, 1772 adapter.

And you can see they look the same we're, just going to go ahead and put that right on it clicks right in place. And so now you converted this SharePoint charger into a Tesla charger. So as long as your cars unlocked, you should be able to just simply tap to open up your charge door. So you don't have to use your app. You don't have to go in the car to do. If I was making that mistake in the early day now I can just go.

Ahead and plug in and my charge session will start, and I see my green light flashing that we are okay. So we're in the car it's. My car was already pretty close to 90%. So the charging rate is going to be much slower. This Charter is rated at 20 miles an hour, but since I'm already near 90% it's going to slow down to top off at 90, if I were at a lower state of charge, then I would get that full 20 miles an hour of range per hour.

So that's, how SharePoint works now let's, go ahead and say that you came back to. Your car and you want to stop charging, and you want to disconnect. Well, as you can see, there is a stop charging button.

Right there on the screen that will let you disengage the charge session right there. And of course, you can also do it from the Tesla mobile app. So as you approach a car, and you stop the charging, whether you've done it in the car or the app, you should still go into the app and unlock the charge port. Once you unlock the charge port, then you can easily and safely remove your third. Party charger, in this case, the charge point from the car comes right out just like a Tesla charger would don't forget to take your adapter. These adapters can cost up to 70 to 90 dollars. So you don't want to leave that behind.

So as I take it out, the first thing I always do is go ahead and unplug it from the charger, and then we'll, go ahead, and we'll return. The charger to its rightful spot I've got my Jay 1772 in my hand. So that once I get back in the car I can just go ahead and put it back. Where it belongs so that's, how to use a charge point with a Tesla. And again, it does not require you to always use a Tesla charger.

You can use any third-party charger that uses the Jay 1772 standard and that's pretty much every charger that's, not a Tesla charger in the United States. My charge door, closed, and I am ready to go.

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