How To Make Char Material


Welcome broke bush craft, I'm, Adam. And today I have my helpers. I have bug, and I got little mess, just for the occasion.

Yes. So today, we're going to talk about char. And what armadillo material is. And the reason we make sure so in a situation where you have to detail make fire, you don't want to be consuming your resources like your lighter or your feral rod. You want to make a renewable resource and char is really, really useful with any kind of catching a spark from anything. So if you have a dead. Lighter that still throws a spark if you have flint and steel it'll catch it.

Also, you can use a magnifying glass on it. And what it'll do is it'll get super hot. You put that right in your make an ember put it right in your bird's nest put some air into it or oxygen into it. And then it creates fire.

So, um, the way to make charm material is every kit should have a tin or some types of tins. I have Altoids and Altoids tin here. It has, um vents on it right here that which allows oxygen to escape. And it just pops open pops closed. I have a tin that just opens and closes pushes on it. And then I have one of these screw tins now, with the screw tin, you're going to have to do what bud polo poke a hole. So the oxygen can escape.

So we'll, help ready poke a little hole in it, the perfect and that'll allow the oxygen to vent out this way, it's, not going to pop up create too much pressure in there and then pop open. So the material we're going to use is use organic material. We have punky woods here, which. Is the inner bark or the soft and a bark of like dead trees, and it's, real soft, it's, real dry, it's, real it's, real smooth, uh, smooth, um. So you just throw that in into your tin, and then it'll super heat. We also have some cotton material cotton. You want to make sure if you're using cotton materials, 100 kind you don't have any polyester and stuff in there because it's not going to it's not going to mature it's also kind of stretchy.

I know. So the cotton material is going to be really thin once it's. Charred up, so we also have some denim which, um from a pair of jeans.

I just ripped because of the covered weight that I've gained, um, everybody out there. I know you feel that pain. So, um, when you pack your tin, when you put the material in your tin, you want to make sure you're not overcrowding. I don't want to throw all of this material in here.

You want to have enough material in there. So the oxygen can the oxygen can escape, but the heat can move around it and then chart. Once we make our fire. We're going to put our tins once we have coal bed, we're going to put our tents in there, and then we're going to make the different materials, the punk wood, the cotton, and then the denim, and then we'll see how they work or how they are afterwards, and we'll test them. So all right stick around I'm scared. Why are you putting them in there?

Because they're going to make sure you can watch the video and figure out later on? Oh, okay. Thanks. All right. So we pulled the tins out of the fire. Um now, we're gonna.

Check them real quick, make sure that they did shark and there's the char cloth, that's, the kind you'll, see, it's, real, fine it's, really easy to pull apart. You got the punk wood. Oh, it's. Real nice, breaks apart, real easy without catching a spark. And then we got the denim which also charred. And this is a little tougher than the cotton material.

So let's, check them real quick. And first one we'll check the cotton when you do open these, you open make sure you're not open next to the fire. So find. Your sharp edge, maybe it's, not sharp enough. We had to break that up there.

We go there we go. So the chart cloth is going that's going to be real pleasant. And we set that right there, don't set it back in your tan, otherwise it'll catch everything.

Now, let's try the, um punk wood. And for the punk wood, you're actually going to throw those sparks into it. So or I'm going to anyway, there we go caught one on fire or caught. One is the amber is just going, and it's going to keep going.

So this whole thing is. Consumed so that entire thing, and then we'll try the denim there we go and now there's the denim going. So now all these you can now, uh transport this if you uh needed to uh, but you can continually do this to make your fires for the next time. It's always about making the next fire. So if you're you know, cold, you definitely want to be hot.

So by using organic material out there using material, you brought with you, you can continue the fire process for an extended period of time, which will then you. Know guarantee your success so do you have fun, uh, make sure if you play with fire you're using fire, um you're, not playing with it. You've been responsible with it, and I'll see you in the woods, subscribe and subscribe like and share. Thank you. Bye.

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