How To Completely Disable Traction/Stabilitrack Control On Gm/Chevy


Hey, what's up my friends. So today I had to question myself, and I'll show my face in the video here, if it gets in halfway decent, but what's up, I'm, Kyle, um I was out wheeling in my truck and I couldn't, climb this hill and what the hell. So our disabled attraction control, which normally you disabled the traction control by simply pushing this little button over here, right?

So you push that traction controls off if you push it and hold it, you will disable these Stability. However, I did both and I. Even put in four high, if you put it in four high, it will disable the traction control. But for some reason, the damn Stability still stays on, so it's kind of ridiculous. So right now.

Currently, in this hand here I've got the twenty it's, a 25 amp, fuse that you can pull from the engine compartment I have the hood open, and I'm going to show you where to do that. Now first, why would you want to your hope? This works on my phone, I, can't, flip it in the actual instance of anyway. Why would you want. To disable tire control. So when I was climbing there, so it really wasn't like huge hill, but it's really sandy and Drive climbed it before.

And this is a stock truck, it's, nothing like super crazy. So I was climbing the hill on the traction control, still stayed on, and you're driving up the hill and a loose power right? And it does that in ice and snow too. It will automatically just listen the power and the engine, you'll lose your rpm.

And then you can only climb out the hill I'm like what the. Hell so I got up the hill in four low right and that did it. Ok, still like should have climbed it way easier.

But I could see the light when the light flashes when you're when you're climbing something or in the skies and snow, the light flashes dude, the traction controls on it's, just a pain in the ass. If you ask me, so you pull the fuse out inside the engine compartment I'll show you that at the end of the video and also last one I live in Michigan. So we get winners I, personally, I like and I. Dislike the whole system for a couple of reasons when I first got the truck that had like 80,000 miles on it and I drove it I was driving up to this like 20 miles away, right another way back we came. And there was like there's like an inch of slush on the road. Okay, there was like an inch of slush. And it was pretty bad I had these Data tires out, and they're almost involved before I got snow tire for. So it was driving like 50, right as a 55, 60 mile an hour row and I got sucked over it in the ice.

And slush, the thing was a badass and that instant like so with bald tires, I got sucked over into the end of the know, on the side of the road doing like 50, 45 miles an hour. You could literally feel the truck brake in control itself slowed it down going straight helped me maintain control and the system worked awesome. Then now if I had snow tires on it, I wouldn't have needed it at all. It wouldn't even have done anything. These tires were just awful, and I got snow tires shortly thereafter. That because winter is just starting, so snow tires make a huge difference. So the reasons why you'd want to keep the traction control on in my opinion is if you're kind of you don't want to control your vehicle.

You want it to do the work for you I, personally think it's a pain in the ass because in situations driving around in the town that I live in I would come up to a stop sign. You know, like the neighborhoods or whatever, and even with my snow tires on the ABS would kick in, and I would slow down. Slower like I would have to like to push hard on the brakes. It was a pain in the ass.

He was slowing down, fine it wasn't. Any slippage I can feel it, and it just stopped itself so driving around in the snow in the winter time with the whole system on just sucks I, pulled the fuse out last winter and like number and I left it out the whole winter I, just don't like not having control of the vehicle, and it's unfortunate. These days that I think that many people just are not taught how to drive in the snow. How to drive really defensively or safely, especially in winter snowy conditions, you know, the conditions that these systems were designed to help, so they're good, because they really do help people I think. So because they experience that with the ball tires, the original batters, but ultimately, like I felt out of control I like to have control of the vehicle.

And when your off-roading with it, the system won't like to do anything it's like you're, driving pictures, no power. And it just disabled. Everything so I pull the fuse out all these lights come on. So the traction control light will come on the brake. Light will come on. And over there, you'll see the ABS brake light come on. And the tire light is on because whatever the tire sensor is mad for whatever reason so let's go we're going to put this fuse back in for now since the summer.

So fuse box located right here on the driver side engine compartment just used goes right there. So here's, the map gas is on the Left Diesel's on the right. Come back in here, fuses, everything's off, so it's, all good that's, how you completely disable traction control and stability at this is a 2010 Chevy Silverado out on the haul that goes back for bio 706, I guess? And then I'm sure all the GM's 2013 and the 14th and coming out have the same dumb stuff. So good it's bad.

My goal off-roading I'm going to take it off in the winter, it's, definitely that fuse is getting cold the solution for now unless there's something else because that little button right. There, sorry, people don't do piece. You.

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