Gummy Vs Real Life Hide & Seek Game Funnel Family Skit


You'll never find me once I eat this. Yeah, what's. The matter with this thing. Oh, when we play the game, so the gummy was alive and suddenly your desk, no let's go through Oh crazy gummy, where are you therebeing? No gummy where Mike there's, no Cup. Oh, yes, yes.

What are you sticking gummies under your desk again, Oh, scary, coming on dude, are we going to play this game? Or not? Oh, you don't believe me not really come on in enough with your gummies.

Let's. Go let's. Go play the game Oh, only you gummy all right so. I'm going to go hide first all right before we start playing.

Okay. I'm going to go hide get a drink of water. Go fast, I'm going to hide in John's room like what's taking so long I want to be like you, I know, real good trying to get water like I said, your Swedish fish can I love the Faustian to my warm for real. The creepy gummies' thing again. Our sweetest fish came back the faucet.

Yeah, I'm. Sorry, I think I need to lay off just drop it. Can you breathe away from me? Follow me you're, crazy, what's your bra. Somebody has a tube and by myself you're going into concert I'm, going to take a shower, I, don't feel so good, what's the matter? What are you looking at my head what's wrong with my head? What are you talking about my head is beautiful he's gone.

Oh my gosh enough with the gummies. You know what you have to start using your have a funnel day. No have a call me day. Yeah, and don't forget to check out the gummy versus real challenge videos where these gummies came from now it's time for some funny. Outtakes with baby shower fever, something, hey, you're, not supposed to be in this part of the video is Oh, the and attention funnel cakes. You may be asking. Why is this video re-uploaded?

And that is because YouTube deemed our original upload as inappropriate because the title said, giant snake jokes. Baby brother, it was a joke YouTube. The thumbnail was also supposedly inappropriate.

And even though we changed it, it still wasn't good enough for themselves that's. Why we had to read upload. They've recently. Destroyed a bunch of our other videos, causing the circulation to drop so expect more re-uploads in the future as long as YouTube keeps messing with us that is all have a phone all day, even though we are not having one. Okay. Bye.

I'm just going to show you a new trick I learned, I'm stressed.

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