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It's the first game we've had in a long time when there isn't a double game week, but it doesn't mean, there's, no potential for us to get those green arrows. So we're going to have a look at my gaming 28 first thoughts, some players that you guys should be thinking of bringing in ahead of game at 28, and then the blank game week 29. So here are my transfer thoughts, my chip strategy and everything like that my first thoughts after the gaming, 27 deadlines so let's get straight into the video. So let's. Start off having a quick look at how I actually decided to line up in gaming 27. So I actually very close to the deadline made one free transfer, and it was the selling of Bruno Fernandez. Now, this is something I've spoken about a little mentioned that the fixtures coming up aren't great, if there's a time to ditch him and maybe buy them back a bit later.

Now, as the times do and very close to the deadline, I did decide to make the move of taking Bruno Fernandez out of my team. Now in his plays, I. Bought, Pierre America aubameyang. Now he had the Burley game in game week 27. He then plays Tottenham in gaming 28. And then importantly, he plays again in gaming 29 now I'm recording, just after the arsenal Burley match. So I know aubameyang has scored, um so really happy that the transfer has looked good so far now Fernandez can always get something against Manchester city.

But it means that if he gets a return, he's still likely to match what about MIA's got so happy that we got that baby yang return. Maybe one bonus point, maybe not it's, very touch and go at the moment, um, it hasn't been confirmed, but yeah, very happy with how my first transfer is gone in gaming 27. What this meant is that my team lined up as it is on-screen. So I played three four threes.

It was just a direct swap of Fernandez into aubameyang. I left the bench as it was with human. Dean.

Mitchell there, the captain did fall on gun to him in game week, 27 so fingers crossed he can get something in either of those matches that. He's got if not you know, five, six, even doubled is still going to be a good return. So that's how we lined up good to get off to a good start with a big differential in aubameyang at the start of game week 27 so let's hope that Bruno Fernandez blanks, because if he does, that's a big differential for me in gaming 27. So moving on to my first thoughts for gaming 28 and the transfers that I'm thinking of making so start by having a look at my potential transfers in the first one is racing. Now. He creates so many chances, if you look at his shots that he takes shots in the box shots on target key passes big, chances created he ranks top pretty much amongst overall amongst any players in the league. So with the game in gaming 29 that we know, he's got he's, definitely a player that I want to own in that game week, it's, just a matter of when I get him in and exactly who it's for next up.

We have a teammate, a leads' teammate in Dallas. Now I plan on getting both of these players into my team. I. Don't want it to go into a big game week when Dallas and racing will have high ownership like they did in gaming 26 or 25, but they had the leads double game week. I don't want that again. So I will be buying raffia and Dallas ahead of the gaming 28 or 29 deadlines next up.

We have bellman. So we've heard that empty has got a bit more of a long-term injury. And with the injuries to Newcastle who Brighton playing game with 29 bellman is definitely someone I'm thinking of bringing into my team he's. Got the attacking threat playing at right wing back for Brighton, so it's, either him or his teammate, Lewis, dunk that's going to come into my team ahead of either gaming 28 or gaming 29, so I'm looking to bring in two Leeds players.

And then one of the brightest defensive options in Belmont or dunk, because of those features they've got in gaming 29 I'm, not playing my free here. And any of you guys who aren't playing your fit either, or even if you are these certainly players, I would consider. Owning for that game week now in terms of the players, I'm, potentially selling and transferring out ahead of gaming 28 or gaming 29. So first we've got Salah now I will need to ditch one of my midfielders who don't play in gamer 29 in order to get racing in. And I have very little money, tied up in Salah it's, probably going to see some price drops over the coming weeks as well. So not really a player.

I've got that much sentimentality in owning. I also will be welcoming gaming 31. And in. Gaming 30, they play away at arsenal.

So there is a potential that I don't need Salah for that gaming, either given their form. So he's someone that I could ditch for gamers 29 and 30. And then look at bringing them back on my wild card next up. We have Luca dean so moving towards defenders, I know that I'm going to require a leads defender and a brighter defender. So dean, um, doesn't have a fixture in game week 29. I brought him in for the double game weeks that he's had recently, and it's returned really nicely.

Particularly in that big double game week 26. So yeah, very happy with dean, but it's just a bit of a cash downgrade. So I've got a bit of money in the bank if I require it, but yeah, he doesn't play. His upcoming. Finishes are okay. But yeah, just a bit of a moving around, depending on what the scenario is and planning for gamer 29 next up.

We got cancel who falls into a very similar boat with dean. When I wild card in game week 31, I may well get can cello back, but just I will need that spot to potentially get. Beltman in or Duncan. So one of dean and can cello is likely to leave my team. It will be one or the other. They cost very similar, um.

So I'll just have to decide close to the time, potentially, which I want for game week 30, which out the two and which longer term. I want depending on the money. I've got tied up in them. The final defender who I know will definitely make way is Mitchell. Now Mitchell seems to have picked up another bit of an injury. He could have got points in game with 26 with two.

Crystal palace, clean sheets, but that wasn't to be, he didn't play in either of the games. So Mitch will make way for one of those defenders and then dean or can cello will be the other transfer out for me in the next coming game weeks. But that might those are my transfer plans ahead of gaming 28 or gaming 29 over the next coming game weeks. So having a quick look at how my team will line up for gaming 28. If I was to make no free transfers.

Now, I know I want to bring Leeds players in, but we can see. That I've already got Basford on the bench who has Chelsea and gaming 28. So I don't really think I'll need racing or Dallas in my team for that. Now Brighton do play Southampton, but just thinking if I bring him in there's, no one, really in my starting 11 at the moment that I'll be looking to bench for a Brighton defender.

So I really think I'll probably roll the free transfer going into that game. Now at the moment, my captaincy is on sale. Now I haven't put too much thought into it. He does. Play that last game, which I do like having that little of a waiting game for my captain. I do think Liverpool will have to bounce back at the moment and that little of rest that he may get. It may depend on minutes that a lot of these players get in Europe, but someone like Kane, he also always loves a goal in London derby.

He also could get my captain. So at the moment is very up in the air, but it's on mo Salah at the moment. So we can have a quick look at what my transfers could be. Over the coming game weeks to start fiddling around with it, just to show you what my team will line up with. So if we take out Mitchell who I know I'm going to transfer out, and we can take out Luca, dean as well. So it's going to be dean or can cello in their place.

If we put dunk now, if we know that empty's not going to be available again with 29, which looks very likely that he won't be available, it may be development because of that more attacking threat, but we'll, put dunk in there for now and. Then, I know that I'm going to want Dallas in there as well, very highly owned and going into that gaming week against Fulham. He is definitely a good asset to be owning. And then that leaves me with 0.3 in the bank. But I know that Salah downgraded, potentially to racing is certainly a move that I'm looking at to get a full 11 out in that game week.

So this will require me to take a minus four going into blank game with 29, but I will put out a full 11 with a choice of goalkeepers. Then in my defense. I will have considered dunk and Dallas, then in my midfield, we will have aubameyang racing song and human with Basford Kane and Watkins up front. So I'll be playing a 3-4-3 in game week 29 with the way I plan on lining up a full 11 out. Now I don't really think you need 11.

I can get to it with a simple -4, which is fine for me. If you can get anything sort of seven eight above, I think you'll be doing absolutely fine. I think the average person maybe in the top ranks may you know, look to play their.

Free hit or something like that, but eight or and above, I think you'll be doing very well. So I wouldn't worry about getting a full 11 out, but the way I've planned it does allow me to do. So those are my current transfer thoughts, um for the upcoming game weeks, but that's what we've got time for in this video. Good luck in gaming, 27, as it has just kicked off the first day of fixtures will probably be almost complete by the time.

This video, um has started and gone up. So let me know your score so far. Who have you got returning for you today, but that's what we've got time for if you have enjoyed, please make sure to like the video and subscribe to the channel, but there'll be plenty more coming for you streams and more videos ahead of the game with 29 deadlines? And throughout the rest of the season so that's all we've got time for, and I will see you all next time. Goodbye.

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