Epic Book Battles #23


All right, I wasn't going to do it this year? I wasn't going to have epic book battles. I thought, maybe we would try something else, uh, but I have been encountered with and stopped, and I have been poked, and I have had emails from students who have asked for book battles to return.

So I am happy to come back and to fulfill your wishes, your dreams and your requests here is book battle. Number 23, our 23rd book battle. And our first of this school year, we are going to do author, verse author. And what we usually.

Mean, by that it is the same author up against themselves. And this author, her name is Ashley spires. And she is the author and the illustrator, so she's, talented enough to write the words. And also illustrate the pictures she might be famous in your head in your reading brain for writing the most magnificent thing or the graphic novel series inky. So if you like those, you might like the two books that we've chosen today, both books are available on epic. And remember epic is available to you for. Free Monday through Friday 7 to 3 p.m. And if you're on winter break when you see this, you can totally still use it during winter break or any time you have off from school during those hours and times all right.

So for our first book by Ashley spires, we are going to read Lara, I'm, really excited by this. One Lara is about a Sasquatch. If you don't know what a squash is I'll, give you a hint. They have a big foot or big feet. Hinting Lara is up against Bert the beetle squash. First beetle author, First author after you are finished reading both books, remember only if you want to you are then going to go find your Google form and vote for the best book, which one do, your think should be the winner of book battle number 23, you can find links to the book and find the link to the Google form to vote wherever you found this video.

I've shared in a bunch of places, an easy way to find it is on the oak tree media center. Webpage. Anybody can search and find that I've also put it in my library. Google. Classroom all right, I can't, wait to see who wins, and thank you for reading and participating and requesting for us to continue our book battles this school year, bye.

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