Dodge Caravan Purge Valve Diagnose & Replacement


Hi welcome to l1 auto. This is 2012, dodge caravan. This, uh, van have an eBay cord. I think the parcel annoy or band bulb something wrong with that or somewhere to leak. So I'm going to test right now, uh, parts, solenoid, if it is bad I'm going to replace it. So this is the part solenoid need to open.

So to open this, we need to take this filter housing, uh, off just simply there's. A three tab. One two just clip take the clip out using host out like this, and just simply just flick this and just move on the.

Side like this, take the connection off just push this clip like this see right here press in here, press the tab to come out, see there's a 110 millimeter ball right there. This ball I'm going to take this board out. So let me take the 10 millimeter. Bolt right here.

This one out just simply take this pull this out. And this one see this attach with this there's a clip right there. He can push like this and pull this, but I don't want to do the fire with this that's. Why I took the ball from here and. Take a whole thing after that, uh, just take they literal take this holes out sometimes it's, very tight stuck.

If it is cut like you pry with something like this and do a little by little is coming out after that, there's a tab right there. You see this. So you need to push it in here, both sides, and you push this right there. And from the other side as well right there.

So both at the same time, then you need to pull this out I'm going to use this like to hold from both sides. If you don't have like just. Anyhow, just press from the wall side with the hand or anywhere express this pull. It sees it's come out easily. It's going to come out with it with the clip like this. There was a there was a lock in here.

You see both sides that's, why you need to press this, so it's coming out before I replace this I'm going to test this. It is good solenoid, or you have some issue. Let me check that though where this hollowness is work is always close.

So when it's got a signal like a's got a signal to open it from the. Computer then it's open then air here go in and in and out this way. So it has to be close.

So let me test it. It is close without connection or not well, I'm going to put like, uh, one of this adapter for pressure tester. So let me put this in here.

If it is all the vacuum that's been the salon is good look press here like see don't, go too much. You see he's holding the vacuum I'm gonna release this look see. The vacuum is holding the vacuum and then release check again.

Let's go down that's been. This looks. Solo noise, uh, holding the pressure. I mean, uh, it's close.

So we need to check now is following the command or not. Let me I'm going to put the power and ground in here. So you will hear the click in here when you do that, so I'm going to use the power probe. I put the one leading negative another lead in positive.

If you don't have a power probe, you don't need the power proof just, uh, one of these things like alligator clip just put in negative. Another one is here just simply attach two of them there's. One of them like this then there's another one like here, let's, you see if we have a click or not, let me show you with the power proof, so power pro there's, a negative right here. So I'm going to put a little make it easy little alligator clip right here.

So one lift another lid. So I'm going to supply the power look when you when I supply the power, yeah, I feel the click without you hear the noise look click. So this alone is pretty much command the signal.

Now we need to see the ear like the vapor is. Going through here or not simply. So I use the vacuum pump when I pump this watch see this it's holding a vacuum now, I'm, releasing holding it back in again, see that don't put too much vacuum just a little enough see? So now I'm going to apply this like power in here. Now, holding back up, watch I'm going to apply power see holding vacuum, apply power going down. So that's been this solenoid is perfect. Good.

You don't need. I don't need to replace that maybe the band channel solenoid is bad. So I have to. Check that or possibly somewhere the lick, you don't need this vacuum farm or anything just puts some tape and with your mouth, just blow in here. And somebody put the power and ground in here. Yeah.

And when you really put this powering ground, you will hear the noise, clicking noise, click, click, that's, how you check really and just put it back where you take it off. Thank you very much guys. So be before you check before you don't, check just don't replace that. So when you put it back just, uh, put this you. See put this in here and hold one hand in the back like this and just push it like this that's.

It just pushes it to go and make sure you have a click like you hear the click for this. One does it lock inside hole in here? One hand, just, or you can do like this see and please, uh like and subscribe to get, uh, new videos, uh, please help the channel. Thank you very much.

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