Crips Try To Rundown On Tekashi 69 In His Hotel


They ran up in his hotel just so we can get two straight right now. His security is the Hoover Crops and some other Crops ran up in his hotel. Looking for him the hand being Takashi me and a notification gang would like to invite everybody to come join us Monday through Thursday 9:20 to 10 o'clock for morning coffee where we discuss the events of the prior day. And also just talk mess about stuff.

See you then maybe in Jack Frost what's up party people, hey, look man, like I said, this guy's, his own. Worst enemy, Takashi, six, nine that it is, because you have to look at it like this. I mean, let's just be perfectly honest when you're an artist. And when I say artist, I mean, when you're a music artist, this is thing that you do it's called touring. Whereas you go out, and you tour you go to different venues. Then you play your music and people pay for if it's, wonderful thing, it's, a wonderful thing. And what comes with touring is you can't bring your house with you everywhere you go home.

So either you. Have a bus you drive around on and that's where you're sleeping eating, and everything. And then these times when you're staying in hotels or whatever, the reason might be not just when you're touring, but when you're doing shows, so the point that I'm trying to make is this. If hotels know when you show up the ops is going to be on your back so tell us about not going to want to book you and rightfully so might I also add rightfully. So they like look man. We got to think about the guests are the.

Other guests, yeah, think about our other guests in their safety, don't let's, not forget about any of that. And then also when you do, um shows they're going to be thinking, you know, we have to think about the other people in the venue, the fans, the people that's coming to see their artists, you have to think about their safety. This is, why is my belief that all of this six nine they're calling it the contact test? My gangsta Torah stuff, it's, just a bad idea for business it's, just not a good idea for.

Business this is just my opinion, I mean, you could say, whatever you want, you could say, oh man. Now he's going to get a bunch of sales, he's gonna bunch of people filling them. My dude, he gives what is it going to happen he's at some place taking some kind of photo shoot right? And some kind of mole he's taking some kind of photo shoot with the fans right? And some goons run up on him in ski masks. What the hell is going to happen seriously, you see when you see the think the real issue in the. Real problem here is six-nine might not have ever ventured outside of New York City before he know, got famous, he doesn't know, he's never been anywhere.

I mean, I'm, not I don't. Notice to be that you understand what I'm saying, so I'm, not I'm, not trying to say that this is what it is. But a lot of times when people have never really been out of wherever their little immediate environment is they don't understand the importance. The importance of carrying yourself in a manner that doesn't draw. Violence and the way that 6:9 carries himself, he draws violence it's.

Not this. Life is not a movie there's. A lot of people that have lost their lives.

You know, a lot of people that are currently, you know, in wheelchairs a lot of people who are currently incarcerated due to a certain lifestyle in which you know, he's, attempting to portray that he's in, and I'm, not saying that he's, not this is not a knock on 6900 I hope to I hope, the best for the brother I hope that the people that got all of these. Beefs with him, they could come to some kind of resolve where you know, no, one gets hurt, and they're, just like I, we're going to back up of all of this stuff that we've been saying, we're going to allow for you to back out of some of this stuff that you've been saying, but you have to understand a lot of these people don't want to let him out of what he was saying for a perfect reason, because you can't one day, talk about how you want to bust. Somebody open one day. How are you going to do this, and you're gonna. Do that, and then when it's convenient to you, you say, yeah, you know what I don't even want to be a part of this, no more it doesn't work like that. And then the weirdest thing is he said that, and then he went right back to doing what he was doing.

This young man needs to figure out a way to get some kind of following overseas somewhere and just go disappear for a while I'll make that overseas money. You know, not for a long time before a while, because when they're running up into the hotel that you. Win denies I was a bus. You know, he was just on the bus. You got to park a bus at some point, especially if you're not leaving the city you're doing the show in the same city, I'm going to park the bus somewhere you're, not driving around in circles, all night how's that I've seen a couple other people do videos on the whole running up in the in uh and I think, um I think everybody understands then the real gravity of it I don't.

Think nobody is on particularly taking it like it's. A joke. Like it's, not something I serious at least I haven't seen anybody you know, not take it like it's serious.

But um, this is a real thing. It's. A real problem.

This is a real serious situation. Now, I don't, I, don't, particularly think that anybody's going to take that young man like I, don't think it's at that point right now, you know what I'm saying, I think it's serious, though I think that, uh, if a situation breaks out and they, you know, they being six nine and his people feel like that that might be what's. About to happen, and they do something to prevent it, and then I think you know things can escalate. And then under those parameters in that situation, something bad might happen and somebody might lose their lives, but I don't think at this point, and I'm, not talking about any of the dudes out there, and I'm saying, Stonier, I'm, talking about see that's. Another thing he's just all over the America.

Yeah, I'm talking about just the UM, the individuals in LA I don't think they're looking at this point to uh. Take that man, life I think more than anything else. They might be looking to teach him a lesson I don't. Think they're looking to take his life because. You know, you can't threaten everybody like everybody. And then no, nobody doesn't do anything it's.

Just not the way life works. You know, you threaten everybody somebody's going to do something you know, you're going to have somebody who's not even that who you personal you're, going to have somebody's cloud chasing, they gonna definitely try to do something well, they're. Gonna try to make it look like they're trying to do something one of the two, but uh, you have the situation where he was talking about all these guys, it's rappers. My dude, those are the only ones those are just you just talking you better believe that there's a quite few people that ain't said, nothing that's just sitting in the cut let's. Just hope everybody. Everybody come out of this in one piece. Well, if people are going to want some retro ferocity Nova said that we're right, people are going to want some.

Kind of something to happen, basically, you can't attack, our whole coast with words and then come over here and try to make us look like we saw especially a AOSIS as proud as the West Coast like those do to sprout over there, a gang like it's, real thing, I couldn't understand why some movies that come out, especially like when they did that movie and Chicago. And the people in Chicago was a little pissed off because it was like they don't feel like gang like misrepresented appropriate way in. That movie and it made them local way that they weren't, um, I could absolutely 100% understand that. You know, what I'm saying, when you lose and family members and you losing friends over something, and then somebody tries to make something into a game anyway, arm, let me know what you guys think about this I think that, yeah, yeah, young man needs to figure something out. You can figure something out quick and, um, it might just take some just having a talk like go, sit down with some people. You know, just go sit down with some people and talk, you know what I'm saying because one of the dudes out there, one of the old G's out there in California in your setting.

He said, yeah, we got studio gangsters over here to say, they understand you understand what I'm saying or not. And at this point I'm, not calling Takashi 6:9. The studio gangster I'm, just repeating something that one of the one of the dudes out. There said, just, you know trying to give Takashi 6-9 awake out, you know, I'm, saying, like it.First I'm, pretty sure it's, not going to have to be because you know, these dudes is all, you know, we're doing in the back rooms and , just , he's stuffing for that for the front for the front door. This auditioning for the shooting for the public to know so nine times out of ten. If they do go have that conversation. And he does go talk to the right people that he means to go talk to or that it's believed that he needs to go talk to let me say, no, they did try and give him away.

Yup, Yeah, we got studio gangsters over here, too so people understand anyway, let me know what you all think about I want to know what you think about the whole running up in the running up in the hotel thing. You know, they ran up in the house on this too. You know, what I'm saying d2, and then he's a blood, and he's out there and his protection at this point, his crypts it's, the garbage Krypton was even shot on the mouth, the Hoover Crops, but I'm also, uh, that's. What I keep trying to tell you on.

I'll be telling on this. And and and the funny thing is a lot of this stuff that I'd be saying to you in my videos, it just comes out that I'm just I know what I'm talking about. Then usually when you go to another town when they got to do that whole calling in and checking anything it's, because when you go places, your security is usually like some gang in that area, that's who your security is whether it's the blood, whether it's the Crops, whether it's another gang, you know, usually that's who you. You have as security some gang, that's your security and um, right now. What did they do? They went out there. They needed security, and they got a gang to do their security it's.

Just the way things work I, tell you all this stuff, all the time it's crazy, how much I'd be saying right and I don't, even get comments on it. None of the videos, people just glossed over it. And then it comes up in just regular life. Anyway, that's neither end of the love, you all guys, take care of each other heed.

The. Comments down below I want to know which are statement, should he have to sit down and how different how difficult do you think it's going to be for him to book shows and perform if he has a goons are chasing him down every time. He every time he touches down, he got goons chasing this is not going to be good for business. Man, it's just my opinion.

Anyway, I love. You'll, take care of each other and that's all I got on this one I'm out. If you liked this video, please hit the like and subscribe. Button if you would like to help dictate the direction that this channel takes, please leave a comment all comments are appreciated with a positive or negative. Thank you very much and enjoy your day and remember, positive thoughts, Oh, positive things that happen let's, get it. You.

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