Control De Display En Assembler En Proteus 8086


Now, well now we are going to work with a display then for this. We are going to add here. Ah, previously we are going to if we are going to 74 47 is what we are going to need is the decoder. The one that is going to handle the display. We are going to see the display of seven anode segments like yes, ok. Now and the 74 the one with which the one that does the conversion to convert from a CD code to seven-segment codes. Now then we are working on this part.

In addition, we can pull the label for. Convenience we establish the connection look at the display, you also require what the power supply is. We change the power mode since it is added. Ok. Now we are also going to be here. The power for these connections that is are the three control ends of the are going to take it to one already so that it has no effect on the output. And now what corresponds are the connections so for this where you need to copy and what we are going to be here, basically, for example, the first c, four, not.

This is what. Is going to be needed, we already copied the block the first four we were already going to establish no connections. And one in that is the least significant. So it is the Magnificat went with bus number 3, the number 3 of the bus already then, ok, what else since everything that corresponds to the part of the circuit now in the program, then we are going to add the program here, and it shows on the display what we are going to do is numbers well from zero to 9. It is not what this program is going to do. Then that could be used the same way through a flat, pickaxe loop and loop, the loop already inside the loop of how much of 09, then we move.

We see each other ads now, ax, sorry, cx 9. Now, then we have to move ax in what is from 1 in this case has to display that has to increment from zero since it is already zero. And now that inside the kernel we would have to use outs that at the output of x. What is in x for the next quart?

A has to be increased to x. It is not like that. Now we are going to. Compile the program this the display is lost now the display here we go.

Ok, so we are loading not here, but in the microprocessor we already loaded the display and that's. Ok, yes. We could reduce this 5 5 hertz since everything can be seen.

Ok? We execute there is some detail with the memory to see we are going to review this. And here already display. No, there is not here. It is true. It is not good.

This is well, zero x, 0 x and then comes 2012. Already because now it's about the segments segment. Of 20 x, ok, good now.

Now, if you enter with one to fly from the sky, not with one nothing, nothing, nothing country to one that has been very slow let's. See we are going to make the change again, not with a simple 10, ok. And on the 20th, then one would have to go 1 to that one change, then it had to come to the 2 2nd, but to 0 after 3 to 30 months. And this is a detail of the simulation that you cannot retain the value. But if you are seeing in the one that is unfolding it.

S, the data 7 and 8 unfolding. Already like this, it is unfolding, perhaps as a clarification of the program talking about how you are working this. Now, when we are talking about making a copy of the connectors, it is as if there were a Demi Moore or the cable here, too, it is how it is understood and how it can be. This goes by the name, not by the name of the bus.

And everything is to respect the bus label. It is seen from NACA boozer. Ok, rather. Now, this is our first program with display our application with Hesperia. We can save this. Already and we can go to our, and we are going to create in four like this play day display in the class unit 3, it is not good I will say that as a display no longer.

Now we can also not necessarily work it from an is a program that has in the template. There are only 4 5 - if I go copying all the part of the code that corresponds to this already and I would add in my new template, new already how they could use a template with already that too n, because we are not going to return to keep DVDs and. Nito the sums that as you can see, the approach is more of Essen than the SME, because there were not a lot of control and others. Not what we have is that it is a template of a program with vigor and others here.

Yes, narcotic. What could come then our code? What we did is not from the segments, not directly to place code that would be. We move the 0 9 so that the loop goes between itself. It is a file with 21.

X 5. We are going to compile this. It is already third It is already talking about the display. Now, but this is already a direct indicator with that first file as it was ok without problem. Now we are going to add it here to see the file display point excel is before placing the display. Now the display now birds by date. The last one is also this one is 59 already, then the dotcom display.

Ok. Now we are going to see how bits are working. It is not a combo that has already been added in an ex-native as he has not seen us since turning on or to each one explore this one. And then the life of good. Binary, no 2 breeding 10, and you should leave the 2 of then the 3 the 2 on. And here, 3, no, yes, ok. And this that you are seeing can also be executed step by step by step and to protect also has a way to be able to easily display the records here. If we execute this step by step by pressing with each click, then, well, the step by step, we can see here the low one here, you can see the memory thing already 80 86 it. You can see as a memory issue.

We can also add what the status of the registers are and. Maybe you can read some variable that was defined in memory, and we can also see the memory, no variety was defined, but I know what to see how it is working step. Well, then here, yes, next step to that motorcycle x, not moving from the X now. And it is advancing. There are several and good steps that have to be taken without having the simulator in mind, not to approach.

What is the status of the registries export? Os, x, knights, for example, this that is being seen must be here. Now, if it has come from love.

Yes from Kirchner already, then I know, one more step, we follow steps. And in return continues in instruction 6 continues continues continues. Now it is x geyser.

No longer is being displayed, but it should display the zero since after displaying, it is increasing displaying to advance to the part where it increases. And it increases ex there is that it increases in good. The result of the effect of that is here x 0, 0 0 1.

And the increment x we are already movie forward loop and proud ton of light. We AR already going with the out acute hat is out not from x. It should be dispel yes there. In this case, the 1 there is one. And if you turn on the LED t, en LSO, like the 186 is also displaying what should be the results?


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