Como Espelhar (Transmitir) O Celular Para Tv Smart (Lg/Samsung/Sony) | App (2020) Qualquer Celular


Clothes, guys, look how cool is no longer not mirroring, your cell phone arms. But TV is now possible such a cool thing and remembering as a direct target at smart wants to know how it looks until the end of the month that I'm going to teach you now says, YouTube, guys beauty, another video from our channel. And today is to bring you another top tip for you on how to transmit content from your smartphone brings the smart TV as good as you can see back there.

The Opel that has here look just like it is. What is going on here is going on in my image, it's good to remember using smart. Lg, is reminding the guys the application link, I'll, leave it in the description of the video it's, good and watch until the end of the video how you will do this method using yours smartphone along with the uses, but it was ok. You will need these two applications. So watch the end of the video. So you know, the correct procedure to get everything right before starting the video.

Now, if you are not written in this channel, I. Like this content, please subscribe to our channel, remembering don't leave without leaving yours. That is very important for the growth of the channel pack let's start the tutorial that how to transmit content from your smartphone to your TV brands is good remembering it works on. Lg, it works on Samsung. It works on Sony.

Anyway, any smart TV that has this app in the TV app store will work this method here beauty. So here it is now with a tutorial are there guys let's now show it to you then with you. You will be mirrored in this transmission. I mean, it's not mirroring, it's, a good transmission. You will transmit any content you have on your cell phone to your marches TV, it's, good to remember using more macho TV from. Lg, this app also has on smart, yes, right?

The ii, the, Samsung, give it to Sony. And having this app there is just for you to do this transmission there, ok, I'm. One of that app Tito, you will have to have it installed on your TV. It's. Good to see you cast right and also installed on your cell. Phone it's good, the application to install the correct application on the cell phone, because there are a lot. Ok, I'll, leave it here in the description of the video only you do the download and install on your cell phone beauty installed on your cell phone.

It was on TV. You will first enter here on NATO it's as you can see how lg is if they come here at the dell store? Lg, happy story. And my religion is one of the new tables in mining there in these old martins. Ok. So java is already available here.

Beauty, you will enter the TV. Cast application enter the application. It will load here.

It will ask to install, but it is already installed I will enter here give the start beauty to whom this is the first page when you are good, as you can see, Furthermore, it is saying that it is not connected, because you will have to put the IP correctly that you have here on your device, They will now enter the app active remembering it needs to be this application. Ok, right as you can see automatically. It has already.

Changed here, it is already connector. You can see it in 3d is to connect I'm going out I'll show you how you saw how to change IP presented o. I left here just to give an example. You are only seeing the Peron, and it is 192 is 168 1991 as you can see, it has 193, right? Furthermore, you will put 192.

Furthermore, you will click on have here. Look. And you will also put enter here on the cell phone. It will search and automatically as you can see the beauty connector for you to browse guys, it's, very simple, easy to browse here is.

And mirror some video something just put it on Google mirror is look for a video and connect. Ok. It's the one that gives option here too. When you among those of the option, if there is a video, I, don't know, I'm going to put any video here just so you can see that it's going to go there or click on this one and down here when it starts to run the video down here, you go click, and they will click here.

O, tokes hi, video, click here, automatically. It will be broadcast there on TV o. And the audio guys come.

To see you, ok, the audio goes to TV. So that's really cool. Good really cool. It's there to make the big screen just click in the middle between it goes to the big screen and wants to go back. It automatically comes back. Ok.

So it's really cool for the guys really cool. 6 want to watch in 2 to 1. You can watch it too cool, even right for the content inside yours from your cell phone, it's, the same thing. Ok, guys, I'm going out I want to go back to the home screen.

And it's just you see here in EISTI burst. Age, he thinks that's how you pronounce, ok, you can choose anything that your cell phone. Library has I'll decide that there is something a video here, The joker, right, decided the movie here about the joker, I come here in tokes hi video and automatically. It will look for it.

Automatically, It searched and automatically started it's good to be clear. The app always has an ad with the image of sediments. And it runs there really cool. Guys, right, really cool, such and other things like photo.

These. Things are not the same thing? Ok, guys, just click here photo entered there and will be transmitted here.

So, yeah, very nice something native and from your net TV. You have on her native smart TV. You can enter the pre-history, right,, her own app store and download the app and connect with all the content. Furthermore, you have on your cell phone for your smart Tabata TV using. Lg, but there's for everyone right? It's, smart from Sony smart from Samsung, right? At least I've seen several applications that work on.

These TVs to the video was extra that you liked remembering the application is here in the description of the video for you to download and install it on your cell phone on our website, it's, just reminding those who were subscribed to those who are already subscribed just load the page that will download for you. The app is good, downloaded installed it's all right just do the tutorial that teaches you are if you liked the video leave your home subscribe to our channel. If you didn't want to leave.

A nice comment that you liked the video don't share it with all your friends it's a lot important for the growth of the canton that's it, Thank you very much. I went.

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