American Guesses British Slang (In English, English Subtitles)


Welcome to learn English with Tojo. This is my good friend. Ethan.

Hello. He has agreed to be on my YouTube channel, but he has no idea what I'm about to make him do you still want to do this video accepted? Okay, you accept. So the concept of the video is, I've been watching a lot of British TV.

And I've been writing down some words that I hear there that I think are interesting, or I didn't know them before, and I'm going to test you on those words to see if you know them, I know English, I think I can do.This is okay, but do you know British English. Not at all do you watch any British TV movies, no. So the first word that you have to guess the definition of is grafting.

What do you think grafting means like when you put a fruit tree on another fruit tree, and you graft it? But what do you think it means in terms of like people or a metaphorical sense of the word? So that is what it means. So the meaning comes from that original meaning of the word grafting or to graft fascinating, uh, people, getting.

Together like I'm gonna graft with you, yes, really. So it means I've been watching love island, which is not the most appropriate show for all ages. So probably if you're an adult watching this, you can watch it, and it's, pretty trashy, so it's, not the best show anyway. But I like the accents a lot, and they always talk about grafting, which is basically flirting with each other and trying to like to make moves and ask people out and fascinating choices, grafting you're that makes sense all right now.

That now that I know the grafting yes, okay, what about? Um I'm, trying to do the hard ones? What about mugged off mugged off, uh, is that like get out of here like buzz off. Ah, like buzz off. No, no, uh, mugged off.

If I feel mugged off, what do you think I feel you feel pissed off? Yeah, kind of you're you're, sort of miffed you're like yes. The word mug means fool, I don't know why it means fool like you're a clown. So mugged off means you made me look like a fool or feel like a fool. Oh, so they're.

Always saying like, ah, that guy mugged me off because, um, he did something that made me look stupid or offended me and something like that embarrassed them embarrassed. Oh, interesting. Okay, yes.

So they say that a lot, um, the other hard one, maybe for you is fringe. What do you think fringe means? I mean, a fringe case like a fringe is a something that doesn't have a high chance of happening like it's on the outside. Yeah, that's the original. I mean, original definition, that's, the normal definition in.American English and probably other English. What do you think another definition of fringe is fringe? Is it the friend that nobody likes no keep going?

Okay? French, um, is it something that you really want to happen? But there's a not high likelihood that it will happen. No it's, not okay. All right?

What is it? Yeah, give me a gift. Okay. The hint is it has to do with hair. Uh, is it a haircut? Style? Kind of yeah, is a specific?

Is it a ponytail? Now is it a Mohawk? No you're, getting closer to the right side of. The head so it's center head, yes, is it like a? Uh?

What is it? Uh, uh, no, like it is all right? What is it just banging like in the front? Yeah.

Your fringe is the part of your hair that's here that are bangs in English. Those are a lot more difficult than I thought, yeah, were there any other? No there are a bunch of easy ones now.

So this will be easier. I just wanted to start with the hard ones because I had a feeling you wouldn't know them because I really had to like, ah, I remember that word from. Something else he's mugging me off I'm mugging you off is the idea was that the right usage?

I think so yeah, okay. What about bruv? Yeah, is it like brotherly? Love kind of it just means, hey, Brut, like hey, bro, hey brother, he's with a v. Yeah, b-r-u-v. Okay. Lad like a guy.

Yeah, what else lad like he's my lad, oh he's. He's. My friend he's, my homie, same thing. Mate. Mate.

Yeah, friend. Yeah, yeah. That's. Another one, what do you think of lush? Somebody who indulges too much kind of like drinks too much? Yeah, This one character on the season, I watched would always say, ah, that's, really, lush, and I'm really nice.

Yeah, really. Yeah. I like it, oh, yeah. Okay. Yeah. So I don't know if everyone says this in England, probably not, but this person really said, it all the time. And I loved how she said, oh, that's so lush.

So I'm going to start saying that. Anyway, I can get that all right, uh, cheeky. I think cheeky, I know like tongue-in-cheek, humor like they're a little sassy. Sassy, yeah, yeah.

Playful, yeah. Okay. Um. Maybe. Sarcastic, I guess what would you do you think so yeah, kind of playful humor.

Yeah, I feel like it all falls in that same category something we don't really use in the US at all. And when I say it, people know kind of what I mean, but I think, yeah, that's like a word we never really understand. I feel like here, or I never. I always had trouble with.

Okay. Furthermore, I wouldn't be able to identify it. Yeah. And the last one, um, I'm gonna just say the last part of if it's, an idiom. When do you think I would use the. Expression like a house on fire, um, something where you really don't need it like it's.

The last thing you require like if you have, if you have a test coming up and a teacher gives you additional homework, and you're, like I need this homework, like I need a house on fire. Oh, like that's. The last thing you require that's a good way of thinking about it. You really don't want it. You don't need it that's, not how they use it here. Oh, interesting.

So what is the house? So they use it as getting on like a house. On fire do you know what that means you know what getting on means is it the adult definition that I'm thinking of that's getting it on getting like I'm getting by like I'm just okay. I should have started with this. If I get on with someone, oh I get on with Ethan, oh, like we get along. We get a lot. Oh yeah, yeah.

Yeah. You're fair. We're. Friends. We got along wait so what's, the full so getting on like a house on fire.

Oh, meaning, like they don't get they don't get along no it's. The opposite, wait. They do. Get along, yeah, like it's, a spark like it. It just we get on so well that we like are burning up the room, but you don't want a house on fire.

So I don't really understand that that's actually true. If there are any British people watching this video, and I'm going to make, I have a British friend who I'm thinking of we have to bring them to a message I'm going to message him and be like, please discuss. And he just made an Instagram for English for teaching English.

So I'll put that here as well, we need. Your consultants, I require him to respond to this because, and we've made a video before or two. So, um, those are the British words and phrases that I picked up when I watched a lot of British television, I'll, keep writing them down, maybe I'll come to you again. Next time I see you, so thank you for being a part of this channel.

Thank you. Joseph I appreciate it. And thank you everyone for having me. It was fun to be on video, be on video and to realize I don't know, much English at all yes, British English.

Have you been to England, uh once so for how long I mean just a week, but that's enough, yeah, you should be better? Just kidding. Just kidding. Okay, that's it. Goodbye. Everyone bye.

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