5 13 Multiplication As Repeated Addition + Adding And Subtracting Dollars And Cents


Multiplication, as addition now, when I say that I have 6 plus 6, plus 6, plus 6, Paula, six, what am I actually doing five? Six, yes, okay, because how many sisters do I have hi six, one, two, three, four five times. So 65 times are that, or I could say five times six, however, you want to put it. So all multiple patient is addition repeated penny? Ok?

So let's try another one of these. Okay. So if I did seven plus seven, plus seven, plus seven, what am I actually doing time sing? Oh, yes, seven multiplying that's. Four. Times four, and the answer would be, yes, 28.

Excellent job. Great job. Ok. Now, let's switch gears, and we're going to do add and subtracting dollars and cents. Alright. So here's. What they give me first, if I write this down, three dollars, uh, your things like fading.

Yeah, it's. Okay, is silver to court. Right?

Three, dollars, 45 cents, plus six dollars, 23 cents plus fifty cents. Now. And I just tried on top of each other. We do that there is a problem with this I know, I know, I know anybody sea pronto decimal?

Yes, yes.Uh-Huh, this one is in sent form. This one is in the warm dollar form very good. So is there a way that I can get this into dollar phone? Yes, yes, tell me how a decimal. And then you put zero very good. So I'm going to put a place I'm going to put a 0.50 there, my other channel. Yep, what does that say fifty cents?

Okay, so don't, let that trick you? Okay, Saxons going to try to make that tricky with it something like that? Okay, learn all right? So let me see you do this issue on your paper, hey, I'm, David.

Okay. What was. One of the most important things that you did u plus before you added at what little I use on no ya hands with the zero I'm. Yes. Okay.

Putting do you know, this happened. Hold on six on the decimals land of death, all the decimals or Wanda, I mean, you're, adding or subtracting right to stand in for star beside it when adding or subtracting decimals make sure you line them up done. I, start Segundo, Lisa let's, go. So what you're doing we start on the lesson progress. Excellent, no, not.

Yet, exceptional, don't have time? Ok? Ok? You're still writing. Exceptional. You should have gotten ten dollars and eighty cents. Hey, hey, what ago so 1818, sorry, I, didn't actually do the math, um, ten dollars and 18 since I bring down the decimal right where it is.

K, that's related all right now. Let's. Try one more problem like this. Ok? Can we start on my lesson like this? Yes, well, we're going to do the next lesson remember how we do that? Ok?

So here, how do you see what Saxons trying to do here? Yes, yes, wait I know, I know. I, don't can I come up there and show you what I afternoon. Nice, come up. Alright.

Thanks to It's really about you Mara. Oh, you do this issue to you do this one, and I'll, let you come up new, though, oh, you can do this one or this one or this one, which one do, you think needs to be changed pick one of them pick one of these that need to be changed. That's Marcus running out I know, me another one is ready.

Black. Excellent. Well, I heard come on up. So we changed this nitrogen.

Does that one? He changed. Yeah. Nope okay, what else needs to be changed? I know you want to just press it down straight, right? I'm.

Sorry, here, let's. Do this Travis? Okay, it's not messed up. Okay. So much better. Yes, it is look hot. All right?

Exceptional. She did this one. So, so far we've done this one and this one, what about this one quickly? Thank you very good. Okay. Did everybody do that.

Thank you very much asleep out here. Okay. So what's. The very next step after we figure out that some of these need changed.

Yes, Eric. A, um, um, put them. On the line, and then you add them up what all should go on, oh, this will decimals very good. So see if everybody does the same thing I?

Do we have to do it? Yo, okay, is it? Okay? If I put them in a different order? Yes, I from the biggest loss. First, round, your answer decimal needs to be the same thing. Excellent job.

Yes. Exceptional job. Garrett. Exceptional job.

Sarah, Kate. Can I send my letter? Practice? Exceptional job, bud.

What did you get? Yes? Yo, you can turn your letter practice, right? She's on. What did we get? Somebody tell me the answer, what is this era Que me, twenty-four dollars and tens cases very good.

You would have brought down everybody. Did it just right? Right? Getting the first step bring down the decimal, and you're all good that is less than 13.

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