2Nd Cousins: Meet The Cousins


Hi I'm, Lindsey cannon, and I'm, John Walsh. And together we are related we're also, cousins production. Thank you. So we started off being related I. Guess everyone is when they aren't or cousins first, but technically were second cousins.

Neither for third cousin, we don't really know about I really care. It doesn't matter we're related. Usually when you're related to meet each other when you're younger at Christmas or family party, though, no we met each other and a theater group on stage and um, yeah, that. Was interesting so John walked in, and he was a unique person to say, the least he sported a nice mushroom cut a wine t-shirt. And a briefcase I did not read a brief chase.

Two kids on stage at the age of eight years, like to put eight-year-old carriage on its briefcases I'm, sorry, with that regular school Oh someone just school together. Yes, he's. Two years, younger than me. Doesn't matter, that's so weird, it will come around and asked me if we were cousins and I would deny it because he would go around.

Be like, hey, like that's. My cousin she got me into this fear group, that's, not how it worked that's a lie, no it's, not I. Guess it is, and he wanted to go. So eventually we started hanging out, and I realized he wasn't that awful parents made us.

KO. Yeah. Are a trained fighter, mama washing hashtag. Yay, me which is, which is my mom and my mom, um, they're, very obsessed with us being friends because we're, both only children, and we don't have brothers and sisters, obviously, that's what being only children beans. Thanks, once again, I know, I'm new so mention her own terms, we decided to be friends. Okay, when I decided to not think he was weird anymore, and then I invited, you answer my birthday party, John, Appaloosa, then I, only by like four friends who have weren't been enough to come to Jonah Paloma I was going to that party at cousin so got an automatic on that. It was just Lindsey.

My friend Kirsten Briana and just that's. One of me, Lindsay really became like friends. Hello what's going on. Okay, you sound like me. Woke up, um. So I made us a YouTube channel.

I made, uh, cousins, production. YouTube channel. No I, tried making one like last year. And it wasn't. Take it. It was already taken. But this is like it's a CP because a cousin's production doesn't exist.

Yeah, this is exciting. Oh my god, we finally have a place where we could put our videos. And we don't have to put them on the everyday, and it's. John Walsh. We could finally have them in one place.

Ah, this is amazing, I know, I know, well, which raised it to my next point. Um, I wrote lyrics to another song, oh god. What is it? Another jersey shore, parody, wait really long.

Another jersey shores. Parity are you serious it's to firework? Okay, there's really something with like Katy Perry and the Jersey Shore that you really need to like to get over well. And then we don't have that, you know, the Jersey Shore parity again. And if we don't do this I'll be mad.

Ah, you see how I get around that good job, good thinking all right? Well, bye because, I'm, you know, I might change all of them. Hiya.

You're, not going to change them. Okay, all right. Goodbye.

All right? Bye. We decided to pick up and make videos. Yes, you watch on YouTube. Hopefully you don't. Watch him then you're, not watching this right now, hey, John and I were bitten by the famed bug about three years ago. When we did our first music video fame, which was for fame, the movie, they had a contest, and we decide well John decided to call me up and ask if we can make a video together for the contest, maybe we'd win twin from LaGuardia High School.

Which the school I went to, and we shot went to time square and danced around I agree that we made up five seconds before we filmed it at my birthday party after Lindsey was on The. Ellen Show I was like I'm going to be in a video with Lindsay, my cousin so that's when we decided to make sure girls, yeah, sure, yes, our first music video, which was the start of the Jersey Shore obsession, good John, I, really didn't like jersey shore at that point. But then after that, really, hey, yeah, I just thought because I. Was from there I'll be like, oh, we have the backgrounds and was amazing.

It was perfect actually got seven thousand years in like three days. And then we were on z100. They mentioned that this 100 talked about us that was kind of the push that we got to like to set us on the journey, make other videos, cos than this famous.

And then Lindsay went to college, and then left me, and it don't stop did but growth that's because its production. Okay, because I came back when her break, and then I got a camera. For Christmas, which was good because before we zoom flip cam. And then my friend Victoria is old like camera, which we always a struggle to get that footage as it was on DVDs. Oh, my god, remember, when those girls the Staten Island girls, they thought we copied them.

We did not copy there's a struggle. This is what we face. We have really great ideas.

Then they have the same lyrics us which we did not copy them. I'm just saying we were first, maybe someone told him about it, I think, so she's not fair. If.

It's going to get, so now we had a good camera, and we filmed there, Hannah, Montana parody where we went on like a horse ranch, horses ever since I was, and they tried to eat. My straw I've never liked. It was so scary, and they jumped, and I like we'd run away, and I stepped in the horse poop like eight times, and I was freezing. That was a great video. And we thought it was very unappreciated, and it's.

My fault with her money. Yeah. So the next parody we did was Harry Potter clan. And we brought in my friend. Angela Soleimani who used to do videos with me on the urban decay. We were both on the Ellen show, and it's safe to say that we have some problems behind set on every video.

Can you get so excited cookie? And he went to the movie theater, and we were handing a leg, look full Eyre's with Harry Potter on it because. We wanted to be famous and have people see it. But then the video also the same and the video dog. Yeah, he was stuck at like three hundred use. Yeah, was his stuff is very, very strange.

And then when it. Came back on it was over like the glitch for that 450. And now we thought it was like a people at ya, no it wasn't. It was just nope.

This point I've been John, proposed Jersey Shore. The musical I was very hesitant because I'm not about doing the same video as eight times, because it was a repeat offender, but we changed it because it was like Shook had a more prominent role. Yes, no. He was even in the other day.

It was more about jersey shore, yet natural did the shadow, not just the place. So that. Was what made it different and how I rationalized in my head. So on the seaside boardwalk, he dressed in Shook drag, we were harassed a lot, not even like I'm like angry or ass just like come on. Take your picture you look like shook, yeah, yeah. And if you look at Shook, oh they're going.

I her, which was god-sent a sign literally from above. So we were really excited for it. And we seismic patty. We learn ropes lyrics in like five minutes in my book in my band ever.

We have been awkward that we go to. Make a while, yeah, but actually the issues day and I came out of the bath I was flying it and I lyrical genius, no essentially, I'm, awesome. Alright. So when we're playing these videos, we don't always think about the weather. So when we did pirate Potter Klein, we were in sweaters and down shirts and sweating, actually disgusting beads of sweat, which is why my bangs look discuss your like, not like feel like one's here.

Another one it's like really funky looking. But for real liars, we were in dresses and. Froze our butts off, actually and that I was adjusted so well, feathers like a help I understand why she freaked out that was like though he's totally. But then we had to film again another day. And then that day was like 50 degrees out in January.

No, it was like glossary December, yeah, it didn't make sense. But it was a perfect video. A lot came out of it. ABC family, picked it up and put it on there.

Um face Mulder online. A nice horse Ashley, Benson, Ashley, Benson, retweeted, it is a bunch of the casts. Members Toby, and then the girl that plays Dr. Sullivan, then we did, um Madonna. You could be Madonna where you were Lady Gaga's on didn't really go. Anywhere. Some videos are successful. It was a good video.

What we liked it. Then the summer is when I had the idea to create our own reality, series, 310 Olivia are now dating they've been dating for months. Yeah, it was definitely really cool to like to try this experimental work and see a relationship come out of it that was really cool.

I. Mean, John, usually like the stars of our own video clip for this kind of learn more like the producer, and I'm, really. Thank you for that experience. It was really cool, and I'm so tight for season do I do it's going to be really fun and everyone's going to get along because I mean, what's inside all right, justly, Abby's. Pizza. Man, yeah, I might be around a lot of things go wrong. So now in the next two months, I think we're going to have a crazy time.

This is it. This is the crunch mode where official we're cousins. Products roaming at everywhere from every direction doing internet through TV, not to me, ok, TV shows it stands for change.

LED TV, show there's the internet still don't. You would ever take we're going to get our names out there. We're going to make it. And you data I challenge. What together there you go you'll face, you your cousin's, you will sink next week on an all-new.

Second cousin. How does a little water fight doesn't eat you until you look around? And you see the old science from the storefront. So. Hopefully everything will be back to normal. We can try to pick up the pieces check back next week.

So, emotional episode second, cousins,

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