2020-21 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey Big Blaster Box


Hi everybody and welcome back to Ryan Fulton's cards. And today we got upper deck hockey, 2021 series. One, uh, look. This is like a blaster kind of mega blaster.

I guess of cards you got nine, nine packs, plus one bonus pack, get uh exclusive. Two, again, exclusive team. Triplet, two cards. Bonus pack inside it's, probably the bun. And you can get, of course, you got the young guns. I don't know, who's the big head honcho in this, but we'll find out let's see and pretty much says the same thing. So let's get to this.

So sit back relax, crack open that beer pour yourself a coffee tea photo, whatever you like to drink and just watch this video and uh, please subscribe tell your friends to subscribe check out my eBay at go packer79 hit that like button and comment, if you like, we got those three packs there and one two three, four, five, six and there's that back see there's people who want the odds there's. I don't know if you want to read that I doubt, so we got four five, six, seven, eight, nine packs. And then the. One bonus pack with the two exclusive cards in it.

So let's get started here's the front of the pack, eight, eight cards per pack here's, the back with more odds and stuff like that. So let's see what this year's look like all right? This one looks pretty nice. This year's. I like this one a little young guy in the first pack josh wool. I don't know if he's any good or not he said, I don't know, I haven't really followed been falling hockey too much.

So let me know if this guy is any good and plus any other. Young guns that I pull, I haven't really been following like, I said, hockey too much lately. Ben bishop, I'd say probably really followed hockey, probably really in the last probably 10 years give or take a few years here. And there I don't know, I mean, I have been to a couple of games.

Maybe watch one or two games on TV or kind of on TV. But I don't really know too much about it hear hear. Guys, just by what people mention on there. Another young gun in this one, I just don't know how to pronounce the.

Names, there's, main he's, still with the penguins opened up a few last years of her deck 2. But I get into a few breaks here. And there some hockey when when I can find it or stuff, I said, I haven't really got too much into hockey lately, even though I do like it, I like it a lot better than basketball. I can't, I'll, be honest, can't, really, stay on basketball go on to pack number three so far two for two. But I doubt there's a young guy in every pack. But these are nice looking cards like did you. Tell you that you get some upside down this time, yeah, it doesn't look like there's.

Any inserts in this one either Ryan's, suitor, there's, nothing in that pack there's, Quinn Hughes too badly to get him. Last, you know, packs last year, there's overlain. I didn't get any of the huge brothers and any young guns gotta have been some. Uh, peach parallels. I think it was, but not in uh, young. Guns.

Larking run. Another young gun, that's. Our third, one, timothy I'm going to try to pronounce that last name, maybe little. Juke like I'm, not going to pronounce it. I don't know, I don't want to butcher it like I butcher some of these other names, even in baseball and football. At least, I try my best.

I try let's. See let's think about insert one of the canvases Nico for three seasons. Sometimes the canvas cards can be perfect another red wing Francis. Neil Nielsen there you go do the splits.

So you guys do that goalies have to be limber. They have to limber, limber I'm going to game you something or rather we'll save that. One to the end, I wasn't expecting to get anything, but I'm glad we did even is just a relic again.

We don't get any inserts or anything in this pack Ryan o'rally Lisa's got a cool first name. And then you can get a Obama all right last pack before the bonus pack. Adam fox looks like we have an up portraits, rookies, martin, kite, correct. Okay. Do it all like saved by the bell kind of thing from like the 90s kind of style there I have no idea if he's in good or not all right let's get down to this. Collection team, triplet cards get two of them. I think this might be considered the big guy and the rookies whoare on the box.

I don't know it doesn't say this his name on here. No, I don't even know who this is on the box. It doesn't say, his name, oh, well, okay, here we go all right. So we have the Ottawa Senators team triplets. And we have the oilers team. Triplets here's. What the backs look like, you got left wing center and defense on that one.

And this guy's got first name of Ryan also. And then the back. Get center and defense, all right, pretty cool. Pretty cool all right now.

Let's see who the relic is let's see here you go don't, tell me, it's the kings a king horse. And it is popular. Oh, that's. A nice. One actually game news jersey, it's, a pleasant copy. Tar.

I mean, la is the team that is here besides the Doug's, but you got Obama, which I do see him play when the red wings come into town, but still it's. A pleasant. Nice.

Avatar. Yeah, got some friend a friend that likes the kings, but I don't know how much. Is he willing to collect relics and stuff because he is a breaker? So I mean, you have whatever you want pretty much now it's, too thick, all right, don't have a thick enough card guard.

So here we go. So we get three young guns. I don't, like I said, I have no idea who they are got two maple leaves one's, a goaltender, usually goaltenders tend to be a little better than other players guys. And then two defensive players. All right.

And then we got the pleasant avatar jersey and there's. The back saying. Congratulations and all the memo jumbo legal stuff.

So there you have it, let me know what you think what you thought about it. They said, the cards do look pleasant this year. Uh, they had a bunch of these, but they were thirty dollars a box.

They were 29.95 or something like that a box. Let me know if you thought it was worth it. Um, maybe I might pick up some more.

If I see something there like I said, it does look pleasant. And like I said, I don't know who the big guys are so possibly try to get some more. Young guns and stuff it's worth it. I guess if you pulled the big rookie? So there we have it, uh until next time have a great afternoon morning. You know, you know, the drill, please, subscribe check out my eBay page check out.

My other videos, my eBay page is go packer79 check out all my other videos and uh, just tell your friends, please until next time have a great wonderful day bye.

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